10 Easy Part-Time Jobs for College Students That Pay Well

10 Easy Part-Time Jobs for College Students That Pay Well

If there is one thing set in stone, it’s that student life is tough. A typical college goer is already in mountainous debt, and due to this, students face a lot of stress. A student has to pay for his or her education, accommodation, books, food and so much more. If you are a student, you start considering your options to help eliminate this issue, and your first thought is ‘I should work!’ Yet you don't want to work long hours, and you can't make full time commitments because of your studies. However, if you do commit to full-time jobs, there are plenty of websites that offer the best essay writing service UK based. You can keep the flow and earn and at the same time, earn some extra bucks.

Some part-time jobs offer great pay and just require you to work on certain evenings and weekends. Some even give more flexible hours, or allow you to fully build your own schedule. The best part is, you can even find a part-time job that can in some way contribute to your future career. The following are the top ten high-paid studies jobs. All provide decent wages and flexible hours. One could be the right match for you!

1. Teacher’s Assistant

Want to be the teacher’s pet? Only this is so much better, you are getting paid. Many schools and teachers employ teacher assistants, or TAs, to assist them with different tasks over the course of the year. Tasks can include tutoring and assisting students, drawing up lesson plans and updating paperwork and grades for students. Applicants are also expected to have one year of university or college experience, and strong organizational skills. Applicants must also possess experience in the subject of the course.

The best part of the job? You needn't leave the school. Keep in mind that you need to be organized not only for the course you are teaching, but for your own studies too. Although helping students prepare for their midterm, you do need to plan for your own. It is a win-win situation.

2. Tutor

If you have any curiosity in different topics? Would you want to teach others? If your response is yes, tutoring may be a good match for you. You can tutor elementary school students, college / university levels or anything in between. You may either opt to do so yourself, or enter a school tutoring system. You are not only practicing the skills you already possess, but you are developing more. You might even get to know something new! Perhaps you’ll find a love for teaching.

The pay depends entirely on the quality of the subject matter. Some tutors earn up to $50.00 hourly, particularly if the topic is a difficult one. If tutoring is of interest to you, it is best to do some research in order to understand better what rate to charge. It is time to cash the hard work you put in your studies.

3. Nanny

Another common part-time job is being a Nanny. Do you enjoy spending time with kids, and have experience caring for kids? If so, then you should be a nanny part-time. Many parents seek their children for help. It can include picking them up from classes, joining them at home, cooking meals, sleeping or even entertaining them.

Typically, hours are flexible, and in some cases, there are opportunities to work on homework while the children are in rest. If you happen to have CPR certifications, the odds of you getting the job are even higher. The hourly wage can run much higher, depending on the responsibilities requested.

4. Server or Bartender

The most popular of all the top positions for students are server and bartender, due in large part to flexible schedules. Operating as one includes holidays and evenings more often than not. Although the hourly pay is not the highest, a bonus in tips is offered to servers and bartenders. You can make a night anywhere between $75.00 and $200.00 in tips, most likely more, depending on your sales. Tips depend on the location, the time of day and day of the week. However, if you choose to serve or bartend in a student-dominant city, restaurants and bars are busy on weekends there's a high chance. Sure, that means more effort and probably a longer night but also good tips!

5. Salesperson

If you're good at talking to people, a sales job could provide you with the income and versatility you're looking for. You do get a range of transferable skills to work as a salesperson. But earnings depend entirely on where you work. Some companies offer commission-based sales. Those companies offering commissions enable you to have more control over your revenue. If you sell more, you make more to break this down — it's as simple as that.

6. Uber Driver

One of the most popular jobs for students today is being the Uber driver. It's a rideshare company for those unfamiliar with Uber, connecting drivers to riders through a smartphone app.

You must be 21 to be an Uber driver, have a reliable car and a smartphone with a working data connection. If you've got all that, you've got a nice job that you can work whenever you want! One thing to remember-early mornings, evenings and weekends are the most common hours. Similar to a server or bartender, you're sure to make a great income driving on weekends if you're in a student-dominant town. The pay of course also depends on how often you drive.

7. Barista

Seeing lots of students working in a coffee shop! It's a fun place and how can you say no to caffeine? Coffee shops happen to hire students especially in a student city because of their flexible schedules. Not a lot of people think that good money comes with being a barista and they're not wrong technically. But if you want to work in a business, like Starbucks, students can get amazing benefits that can make it worthwhile to work there.

8. Dog Walker

Getting paid for hanging out and walking dogs? What is better than that am I right? This job might require a little more flexibility because some dog walkers are working on call. But overall, the commitment to time is very limited. In all kinds of weather, you may need to walk the dog anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes. However, as a dog walker, you may charge more depending on your responsibilities, and how many dogs you walk. You may also start offering pet-sitting facilities while the owner is working for a higher salary.

9. Translator

If you know a second, third or fourth language, you can definitely take advantage of that talent! To be a translator you must be able to speak, read, and write fluently in the language(s). These additional skills are required as you may be involved in facilitating written communication between individuals, working on documents, and more. Jobs can be offered in an organization, or you can choose to work independently.

10. Freelancer

A freelancer can mean a freelance graphic designer, freelance web designer, freelance writer and much more. Essentially, you can do freelancing work in any field. Many freelance-work in the design industry provide great pay. We'll concentrate primarily on freelance writing for the sake of time (and space).

This is a great option for you, if you enjoy writing or editing. Not only can you decide on the topic you're writing about, but you also decide where and when you want to write it, at home or elsewhere. If you have a strong command on essay writing, you can offer the Best Essay Writing Service UK has to offer. If you have some time between your school assignments, why not exercise and also get paid for your skills? This is a great way to gain experience and build your CV if you plan to have a written career.

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