10 Top Rated CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad

10 Top Rated CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad

The CBSE structure is a popular one for schools around the world, especially private and international institutions. For families living in Ahmedabad, finding the best school can be tricky given the sheer number of options.

Here’s a collection of the very best CBSE schools in the area to help you narrow that long list down:

Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad

Incorporating nine different facets of education - referred to as “gems” - and focusing on holistic development, the GIIS schools are some of the best worldwide for families seeking CBSE institutions. A premiere CBSE school in Ahmedabad, GIIS offers students from preschool through the end of secondary school a well-rounded educational experience and allows parents and older students to choose their curricula and tailor their instruction to their own needs. Its international education focus helps students to grow into better global citizens with varied perspectives

Swastik Sattva Vikas

This school is CBSE-affiliated and geared toward helping students to develop important skills early in their educational careers. With an understanding of the importance of a well-rounded education in the early years of a child’s life, the Swastik Sattva Vikas provides a great start for your child’s learning experience.

Anand Niketan

Known as a progressive institution, this CBSE-affiliated school offers innovative indoor/outdoor learning facilities. Nurturing young learners and assisting them along the way to becoming better students and good global citizens, the school provides ample opportunities for students to engage with one another, their families and instructors, and their community.

Amrut School

Perhaps one of the oldest CBSE-affiliated schools in the region, the Amrut School uses a child-centered approach to education. Combining a focus on academic excellence and extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics, and more, the school helps students become well-rounded adults - and enjoy learning along the way.

Udgam School

A co-ed, CBSE-affiliated school using an English curriculum, the Udgam School offers an environment where technology meets traditional tools to yield better learning outcomes. Helping students develop a sense of community and respect, the school is led by a team of talented teachers who are more than capable of leading their students to success.

St Kabir School

As one of the top-rated and most highly recommended CBSE-affiliated schools in the region of Gujarat, this school has also been loved for years by parents looking for excellent value for their investment. A large school that focuses on helping students develop personal responsibility and drive, the school is a great choice for families on a budget who still want a great educational experience for their children.

Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya

Offering a traditional yet modern learning environment, this CBSE-affiliated school is equipped with the technology and tools to help meet the needs of today’s children and families. Using the arts, athletics, and academics in combination, the school delivers excellent, well-rounded education to students at every level, assisting students who have fallen behind due to relocation through mentoring and remediation.

A.G. High School

Known for its innovation and positive ambiance, the A.G. high school is equally renowned for its beautiful infrastructure. Its three-story building surrounded by playground facilities is beloved by students and parents alike for its focus on physical activity and extracurricular clubs. With classes no larger than 20-to-1, the faculty has every opportunity to provide a great CBSE-affiliated education.

Somlalit School

The Somlalit School has been ranked as one of the best schools for CBSE education in the area. The school was founded in 1996 with the goal of enhancing learning for local and international students and focuses on combining national and cultural appreciation with global perspectives and ideas. With talented teachers and great technology, the school offers a thoroughly modern educational experience.

Rachana School

The Rachana School was founded in 1972 and has since become a CBSE-affiliated school offering students an enriching and rewarding learning environment that inspires creativity and critical thinking. Using technological innovation alongside age-old, holistic teaching techniques, the school yields excellent learning outcomes. They use a practical approach to help students get the most effective education - and apply it to their lives afterward.

Given how popular the CBSE academic affiliation is for international schools, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your child. This list of the ten best in the Ahmedabad area can help you choose the one that’s best for your family and needs!

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