15 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

15 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Let's start from a simple assumption: if you have a company, you read about Marketing. And, if you follow a little of this universe, you have certainly been bombarded with experts arguing that almost every business needs to create a blog.

But do you really need it?

Well, the short answer is yes. However, what really matters is to understand why. After all, what are the reasons that make blogging an Inbound Marketing tool absolutely indispensable today?

Well, to put an end to your curiosity, we have prepared no less than 15 reasons why your company needs a blog.

Prepared? So, let's go!

Reason # 01: The blog will increase traffic

We will not go too far here, as this topic will appear in many other items on our list. But this is the most immediate reason, that is, the most direct benefit of a blog. It attracts more traffic than an institutional website alone.

In this way, it can be considered a gateway. Of course, after arriving at your site through the blog, the visitor will have many opportunities to become familiar with the company and the products.

Reason # 02: Generates better ranking in searches

Search engines privilege relevant quality content, which is exactly the heart of any blog. So, if you don't want to invest in paid ads to show your business at the top of Google searches, the best alternative is to start a blog.

Of course, in order to achieve good rankings, it is essential to pay attention to the best SEO practices.

Reason # 03: It has the effect of making people come back

Unlike a simple corporate website, a blog has the ability to keep people coming back. The secret is simple: if you're posting relevant content often enough, they'll want to know what's new. And, of course, each new visit is a chance to increase engagement and take the lead to the next stage of the sales funnel.

For this, of course, an editorial calendar is the real secret. After all, it will not be possible to obtain the same rate of return if the blog posts happen irregularly.

Reason # 04: Tends to leverage brand awareness

Brand awareness, in practical terms, is to make people recognize your brand.

Leveraging brand awareness, therefore, despite the elaborate name, is nothing more than ensuring that more and more people know that your company exists and what it does.

The blog can help with this, as it allows many people to discover your company without necessarily looking for your product. They come to the blog because of the content and then find out what your brand stands for.

Reason # 05: It is ideal for educating the market

Through a Content Marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to teach the customer about the products. You can use the content to explain how each product works, what problems it solves, how it should be used, how to choose to buy, and so on.

This practice of educating the market is good for both sides. The customer will make a more conscious purchase and, therefore, their needs will be fully met. In the meantime, you cultivate a relationship of trust with the customer and win their preference.

Reason # 06: It will become an acquisition channel

Did you know that, according to a HubSpot survey, 60% of companies that use the blog in their marketing strategy, capture more customers? That is, the blog is an acquisition channel, since, through it, you can make the first sale to a new customer.

This subject is linked, of course, to the question of the proper use of the sales funnel in the development of content. That is, the visitor will not come to your blog, read an article and decide to buy (at least, not in most cases). He needs to go through a series of strategically prepared content until he gathers all the information to be 100% convinced that the purchase makes sense.

Reason # 07: It is a way of giving the company a “voice”

Every company, regardless of size or segment, is based on values ​​and culture. These elements define everything the company is, what it stands for, what it seeks to accomplish. This is important!

But, most of the time, customers don't know anything about it. They just see what appears on the surface: their products, their prices. When creating a blog, the organization finally has the opportunity to express a voice, which will represent it on a deeper level.

Imagine how valuable this is: that your customers really know how the company is positioned in relation to the issues they have. In fact, a bigger impact!

Reason # 08: Brings support to other marketing tools

The blog can be the basis of all marketing efforts that are developed through content. This includes social networks, e-mail marketing, e-books ... A solid blog acts as a bridge between these other strategies, being able to feed them with content, in addition to allowing customers to move more between them.

So, for example, through the blog, a follower of the company's Facebook page can subscribe to the email list. In this way, more points of contact are generated and, obviously, more sales opportunities.

Reason # 09: Allows you to better understand your customers

The blog is not a one-way street. Through it and, mainly, so-called analytics (analytical data), it is possible to better understand your customers.

You can identify, for example, the subjects that generate the most interest, monitoring engagement with the published content. You will also be able to determine what is the best day and time to approach your customers, observing the access and viewing rates of the blog.

Not to mention the fact that the customers themselves have the opportunity to say what they think and want, through comments on published posts.

Reason # 10: Brings long-term results

The blog, unlike other marketing strategies, has the potential to bring results for a long time with minimal effort.

That's because after you publish content, it stays there - virtually forever. Even though years have passed, people will still access that publication, and that will put them in your sales funnel and, eventually, generate new business.

In fact, the tendency is that the blog generates more results as time goes by since the contents accumulate value in the face of search engines and tend to receive more and more traffic.

Reason # 11: Attracts media attention

If you publish quality content on a given topic, though the company's blog, there is a good chance that other media channels will seek you out as an authority on the subject.

If they need an expert, they can ask you to make a contribution or give an interview. This means that the company will gain media exposure, which will make it possible to take the name of the business to even more people. And all this without spending an extra cent - which is certainly a great added benefit.

Reason # 12: Offers the opportunity to learn

There is no point in creating a blog if it is not to publish excellent, high-level content. This means that even if you hire a specialized agency, it will still be necessary, at a minimum, to approve what was produced.

In this sense, a blog is a stimulus to learning and continuous improvement, for you and your team. It requires that you are always attentive to the news of the segment, to bring relevant news, information and opinions to readers.

Reason # 13: Generates greater awareness of the business strategy

A successful blog (that is, that results in an impact on sales), in addition to quality content, has one more extremely important feature: it has an alignment with the more general business strategy.

So, when you create a blog, you automatically have to reflect on that issue. In what direction is the company trying to go? What are your broad, short and long term goals?

In this context, the blog forces you to be completely aware of the business strategy. And, who knows, this reflection will even make you notice some planning flaw or review your goals.

Reason # 14: Doesn't require deep programming and design skills

You may be thinking about the technical difficulty of creating a blog. So, here's some good news: it basically doesn't exist.

There are several platforms geared specifically to this purpose and increasingly friendly to the average user, such as WordPress (which we recommend!). So, you don't need to know a lot about computers or hire a professional or learn a programming language yourself to start blogging today.

Reason # 15: It's a great cost-effective marketing tool

As you can see from what we've seen so far, the blog manages to produce excellent results. And we're not just talking about sales, but about the overall performance of the business! And at that moment, you start to worry about one thing: how much will it cost?

Do not be afraid, therefore, when compared to other ways of doing Marketing, the blog (and Content Marketing in general) has an affordable cost, both for creation and maintenance. Thus, it is a viable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Here are our 15 reasons why your company definitely needs a blog. If you're convinced, it's time to take the next step by checking out our complete guide on how to create a blog.

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