3 Casual Outfits Ideas That Always Look Expensive

3 Casual Outfits Ideas That Always Look Expensive

Appearance gives very first impression on other. It’s a truth that human mentality judge on clothing about the class of the person. Here the word expensive with outfits does not mean high price tag, but expensive means stylish, well dressed personality and latest trend clothes. Women’s outfit simply look expensive, when it is properly tailored and pressed. Moreover, color of the dress matters a lot in women styling, one-tone with perfect combination of color and accurate sized print. In other side, mens casual dress shirts which are properly fitted and well-ironed with a pair of jeans give a perfect expensive elegant look. Hairstyling is very essential for appearance. Proper tied or open hairstyle of women depend on outfit you carry and event or place you are going. For men, haircut is important too to give chic look.

Believe in working with pieces that you already have in wardrobe and invest in basic versatile and quality basics. Your casual appearance can also give chic look, when you go out but the only thing is what are you wearing and how are you carrying it. A little tip to look expensive is to give attention to small things like, shade of lipstick and simply tailored trouser add gracefulness effortlessly. Expensive clothes with inexpensive or inappropriate shoes may send an unappealing message. Focus yourself head to toe, accessories also play an important role in outfits and looks. 3 casual outfits are discussed below which always look expensive and stylish.

White Shirt and Black Pant:

Attires which are always look expensive and give the representation of perfect elegant personality is a simple white plain shirt with black pant. This casual outfit give expensive look to men with brown shoe and belt. Moreover, elegance added with the folded sleeves and watch. Women also wear this casual outfit with black high heels and bright colored bag is cherry on the cake.


Blazers enhance the instant polished look to any outfit. This can be wear with any dress such as pencil skirt and white top. Another perfect combination is with jeans and tee. Although the most popular classic blazer is black blazer to add expensive touch to your outfit. Don’t limit yourself with only black, striped, brown, blue are excellent completer pieces.


A way of making a girl look chic instantly is by elongating neckline and turtlenecks’ knitted texture. It can be both; wardrobe stale and fashion statement. Turtleneck of any color looks very elegant and give slim-fit look. In winters, this is the best casual outfit that make the personality stylish and classy. Women wear turtleneck with blue jeans mostly and long boots. Turtleneck gives sophisticated casual look to men as well. Men wear it with long coats and even normal coats with it dress pants.


Wearing brand and buying new expensive outfits every week is useless. Wear what you have in a way you look elegant, select the best color with its simple accessories are enough for elegant look. Simplicity and right combination of attires are the key of expensive look for casual outfits.

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