3 Compelling Reasons Why Moscow Mule Served in Copper Mugs

3 Compelling Reasons Why Moscow Mule Served in Copper Mugs

A Moscow mule is a delightful concoction made with vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and often garnished with mint. Though this wonderful fizzy drink s tied up with Russia, it’s actually invented in America. Although the excellently tuned ingredients of the Moscow Mule recipe are certainly appealing, the true signature of this mixed drink is drinking it in the copper mug. There are many people are not sure why it is often served in a copper mug.

Well, today in this blog I am going to list down three major reasons that will clear all your ambiguities incredibly. Scroll down to know more about those reasons:


One of the most common reasons why it is often served in the copper mug is the temperature of a copper mug. It is believed that drinking a chilled cocktail in copper mugs offers an extra cool sensation and that’s the reason why these mugs have always been used by pro drinkers. The frame of the mug becomes chilly almost instantly, offering a frozen sensation on your lips. It is a delightful sensation that can’t be experienced in any metallic mugs.

Benefits of Copper Mug:

Popularly known as a great source of essential copper nutrient, using copper mugs for Moscow Mules amplifies the individual savors of the ginger beer, vodka, and lime. On the other hand, some pro-drinkers believe that when vodka touches the surface of the mug, the metal activates to oxidize, somewhat boosting the fragrance, and ameliorating the flavor of the vodka. If you want to bring maximum fizziness to the Moscow mule, Copper mugs are made for you. These mugs increase the number of bubbles in the carbonated ginger beer and thereafter increase the fizziness.


Arguably, the strongest reason why Moscow mules are often served in copper mugs is because of its presentation. A delicious food just doesn’t seem right unless it’s served in classic utensils and the same is true for any well-made drink like Moscow mule. Copper mugs offer a distinctive look to the Moscow mule and enlarge its appearance like anything to offer an amazing experience to the people.

So, these are the major reason why Moscow mules are often served in Copper mugs. Not only do they help in ameliorating the appearance of the cocktail but also enhances the taste of the drink amazingly. Copper mugs have proven to be viable choices to serve this crowd-favorite, appetizing cocktail. If you’re not sure where to buy best in class copper mugs to enjoy Moscow mules this upcoming summer, check out the enthralling collection of Indian Art Villa. It is one of the leading copper utensil manufacturers in India offering a wide variety of copper mugs at reasonable prices.

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