3 Smart Ways to Design Custom Cosmetic Boxes

3 Smart Ways to Design Custom Cosmetic Boxes

So many companies sell cosmetic products on a global scale. This makes it important for them to know the basics that tag along with cosmetic boxes packaging. There are several types of boxes available in the market, so as a thriving business, you can choose the best styles to stand out amongst your competitors.

Different kinds of packaging boxes are ideal for different cosmetic products. Some materials for these include glass, metal, plastics, and so forth. However, you can have smarter options and choices if you choose the right packaging company to assist you in the creation of these boxes.

You must be wondering why it’s so important to pay attention to details in your custom cosmetic packaging, and how to design them. So many elements tag along with good packaging, and all these help a business grow and gain the right recognition. Whether you wish to order lipstick boxes, mascara boxes, foundation boxes, or other types, here are three ways to design your custom boxes.

Make the Custom Cosmetic Boxes “Sturdy”

No matter what beauty product you sell, the primary goal is to have cosmetic boxes that store the item properly without any damages to the product. While handling, storage, or delivery, sturdy packaging boxes make it easier to extend the life of the products. In the case of deliveries, constant juggling and pressure on the road while shipping could cause poor quality boxes to collapse. Hence, when you consult a packaging company like IMH Packaging, make sure they offer sturdy, and durable packaging boxes.

Play With Colors

Women fancy colorful items, and this is no secret! In any cosmetic store, products with vibrant colored packaging are sure to grab the right amount of attention. So when you design your cosmetic box, go with tacky color schemes like pink and purple, green and white, red and orange, purple and gold, and other similar color contrasts. In addition, the company should offer attractive coating and finishing options. You can have gloss UV, semi-gloss AQ, spot gloss, matte UV, and other coatings on the boxes. A tip here is to choose glossy coatings with vibrant colors, which add more uniqueness to the boxes.

Add Special Effects in the custom cosmetic packaging boxes

From a business point of view, the ultimate goal is to have packaging boxes that grab buyer attention. In this case, it is advisable that you ask your custom cosmetic boxes packaging company to add special effects into the boxes. You can go with many options. For example, you can have a window cut out style, flap style boxes, pull out cosmetic boxes and more. In special effects, you can have embossing, gold/silver foiling, and raised ink. This way, you can have your company logo printed on the boxes and other important details stand out.

Present Your Brand in a Unique Way

The role of a cosmetic box isn’t just to present your beauty products, but represent your company in a unique way to the target audience. Hence, to leave a good first impression on your customers, you must have well-thought packaging boxes designed.

Make sure that you have important details about your company on the box on areas that stand out. You need to be very careful about the accuracy of the details and data that you print on the custom cosmetic boxes. So just take your time and consult a good, reputable company in your area.

Ensure that they offer you ample customization options and flexibility in all areas of the designing process. In addition, you should also go through every stage of the customization and creation of the boxes, just to be sure that you have the highest quality products in the end.

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