4 Important Things about Website Optimization for 2019-2020!

4 Important Things about Website Optimization for 2019-2020!

Although we are halfway through 2019, yet we bet there would be many of you out there trying to figure out ways regarding how to take your online presence to the next level and obtain business from it eventually. There is no doubt in the fact that almost all of you would have a website of your company by now, but the only mistake you are doing is not investing enough into grooming it.

This is where you can create all the difference by understanding that a website isn’t a static entity that you can forget after setting it up once. You need website optimization strategies every now and then to make sure that you keep on getting the targeted audience to come to your site.

To give you a glimpse of what you should do for the remaining year 2019, here are five essentials of website optimization strategies for SEO that you must keep in mind to see results right of your desire.

Focus on Mobile

There is no doubt in the fact that mobile has finally taken over the world. The majority of internet users come online through mobile and almost 40% of the total e-commerce sales come via users who order through mobile phones.
Considering its significance, Google has taken action to prioritize mobile over all platforms. Last year, we saw a mobile-first index which meant that if your website is built for mobile and desktop both, Google will rank according to the mobile version. Hence, which also means that your mobile website should now live up to the established Google standards and to make this happen you need to take care of the following things
  • Quick load times
  • Better appearance and navigation on mobile phones
  • Better site structure
  • Optimized images
  • Clickable links

As long as your mobile website is optimized well, you will experience significant growth in SERPs.

Page Speed

One of the things that you need to understand for any kind of website is that people, in general, are very impatient and therefore give very precise attention to what interests them. One of the recent surveys by Google also showed us that users expect the website to open in just 2-3 seconds, irrespective of the bad internet connection. If the website doesn’t open in the time period, they simply move on to a better option.
Now as this raises the need for your website to load faster, it usually depends on three factors.
  • The structure and construction of the website
  • Hosting service that houses the website
  • Mobile optimization

Long Form of Content

While there is a wider perception to do short and precise talk that should gather the attention of the user, Google is strictly against this philosophy. The giant search engine, in fact, believes that the content should have enough information for a user in detail and therefore the word count for any page should not fall below 300-500. By doing so, your website will be indexed well.

Improve the Experience of User

The most important thing on any website is the experience that it provides to the user. If your visitors find your website too complicated to navigate or too simple, they will simply go somewhere else. Hence, you need to focus on how to engage your users in a better way.
Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind for good user experience along with selecting the top SEO services in Virginia
  • The website should run smoothly on all devices.
  • Navigation should be simple and straight forward
  • Clean design and no cluttering of any sort
  • Never go for any black hat or deceptive SEO or website design techniques.

Try them out and see the difference yourself!

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