5 Benefits Of Native Mobile App Development

5 Benefits Of Native Mobile App Development

You have probably heard a lot about the mobile application that is created specifically for a target OS that can be downloaded, installed and accessed on mobile devices and tablets but cannot be opened on browsers, unlike hybrid and web mobile applications.

But you may not have heard about some of the outstanding benefits of developing this type of app through a professionally-structured native mobile app development / Android, iOS process. This is what this post is written to fix properly –educate you on some of its outstanding benefits. With this in mind, it is time to explore the 5 benefits of native mobile app development.

1. High Performance

It is true that native mobile apps have high performance. The reason for this is quite obvious. Native mobile apps are designed, created, optimized, tested and vetted right from the native mobile app development / Android, iOS stage, which is meant for specific OS systems, such as Android and iOS or Windows smartphones. Everything about these apps is tailored for a specific platform, which makes it very fast and responsive. This is why they demonstrate an extremely high level of performance.

2. Add new features

Adding new features to already built apps could be a complicated process, especially when the app is littered with lots of features. This is not the case with a native mobile app because you can add new features during and after your mobile app development / Android, iOS fairly easily without experiencing serious complications.

So, a creative agency or brand will no longer get a good reason to rebuild the app to insert AR or come up with an efficient solution if they decide to use native apps. What brands or anybody who needs apps should do is to choose native mobile app development / Android, iOS as their preferred choice instead of using hybrid or web applications.

3. Native apps have fewer bug-related issues, especially during the mobile app development/ Android, iOS process

It is not uncommon to see apps infected by bugs. It is, in fact, one of the major problems that have affected countless people’ user experiences, since the issue of bugs begins years ago. And a sad reality is that about 88 percent of people will abandon an app if they experience bug-related problems. This is because bugs are a serious occupational hazard in the app economy.

With native mobile apps, users experience way fewer bugs’ related issues. That is why a lot of developers and designers from app development companies consider building native mobile apps, especially for apps that need to provide a high level of security for users.

4. Native mobile apps are secure

Security is one of the greatest threats to a successful app. So it is very important the users are guaranteed adequate security when they download your apps and use them. A great way to ensure that this is possible is to design and develop native mobile apps. Even though there are many different types of native mobile apps, which are used for diverse purposes, one unique quality they all have in common is that they are secure because they are developed specifically for the mobile OS. For example, an Android native mobile banking app is designed and developed for the Android OS. There is no single line of code that is devoted to something else, unlike the hybrid mobile app.

So it's safe to say that this is the best overall online mobile app. And the reasons for this are obvious, especially for native mobile banking apps that need a high level of security. With a native mobile banking app, you don't have to worry about security issues. Just log into your account using a SECURE face, voice or fingerprint recognition if the app has these features. Apparently, security is so important because it's very easy for unscrupulous people, with malicious intent to steal sensitive financial and personal information that could compromise your financial security and jeopardize your life. So with the extra protection beyond a password, you could access sensitive information very fast and do it conveniently and securely.

5. Native mobile apps have a fast loading time

Most users expect the loading time of apps to be two minutes. And if it is longer than two minutes? They are going to most likely uninstall it and move on to another app. That is why it is important that your app should load as fast as possible. Unlike native mobile apps, most apps experience slower loading time because of a number of reasons.

Here are some of the issues that make mobile apps slow.

• The connection that is encrypted is not optimized
• Chatty conversations
• Faulty library and software development kits
• Sluggishness of the server speed
• The mobile apps are obsolete, among other mobile app related issues.

The great news about native mobile apps is that you will most likely not going to experience these issues even with the sluggish server speed. These apps are most secure and reliable because they are very suitable for the mobile OS.

Final Thoughts

It is obvious from what have been written that there are indeed some benefits of native mobile app development everyone should know. Better still, these benefits garnered through professional native mobile app development / Android, iOS process makes building native mobile apps a smart option for people who value high performance, high security, among other outstanding reasons. (Apparently, native mobile apps offer a lot.)

So it would be a huge mistake for mobile app designers and developers (or someone who needs a mobile app for their business) to craft a really good concept, write the whole developmental process and just scoot into the mobile app development / Android, iOS without putting native mobile apps into serious consideration.

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