5 Best Dressing Tips to Keep Your Baby Warm at Night

5 Best Dressing Tips to Keep Your Baby Warm at Night

When the storms of winter in, parents got a hard job to make sure the baby stay warm and dry. Keep your baby warm when winter breeze hits. It is really difficult for parents to maintain right temperature and make baby comfortable. Otherwise, light dressing or too much layer-up, both are dangerous for baby’s health. As babies do not have the ability to self-regulate their core temperature. Children’s sweat suits, hoodies warm sweaters, woolen jackets, and rompers are five best dressing styles of babies which makes them comfortable, warm and stylish in winter season.

Pajama leggings are best at night of winter season. Thick socks are not appropriate as it will warm body too much and it effects blood circulation. Night suits like set of hoodie and leggings are perfect, because it covers the whole body of your baby and make them comfortable. Here are some more tips and precautions for baby’s dressing in winter nights.

Hats and socks:

Baby’s hat and socks are basic and great accessories for winter season. Because these two things trap heat when it’s too cold and protect baby from too much sunlight when it is warm. To keep baby warm at night, keep the head and toe warm specially. Moreover, it keeps body warm and control the blood circulation in winter.

Sleep sack:

Baby’s sack should not be too large otherwise additional fabric can cause entanglement. Make sure that if you roll over baby, he/she should not swaddle longer because it will increase the risk of suffocation. Select sleep sacks that are designed for older babies which allow arms to remain free and keep baby warm. Don’t swaddle too tight around baby’s hips, as it can cause problems in h development.


There some fabrics that cause infection to baby’s body. One type of wool cause skin redness and etching to baby’ neck and arms specially. Avoid these types of cloths or do not layer baby directly with that fabric. Pure cotton is the best fabric for baby in winter season. While layering your baby in winter nights, make sure that first layer should be of nylon or cotton.

Mitten and booties:

Not all baby feel comfortable in wearing mitten and booties while sleeping. There are different material of mitten and booties. Some are not too much warm and tight. They are loose and light that makes baby comfortable whole night. Few are good waterproof mitten and booties materials that helps a lot mothers while changing diapers.

Night suits:

There are many types of night suits. But velvet and pure cotton winter night suits are comfortable and reliable. Consider onesie, sleep sack or lightweight swaddle in winter season. These night suits does not need too much layers. Just additional one layer is very fine for baby. Especially toddlers are more comfortable without blankets. Use toddler pajamas to keep body warm.


Don’t put hats continuously on your baby especially in nights as it will cause problems. It is parent’s important duty that when you put baby down to sleep, tempt to wrap them up. So they can snuggled deeply inside the dress layers or blanket layers for cozy sleep of night. A skullcap and pajamas with feet are good choices for babies.

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