5 Creative Glass Presentations for Your Slush and Drinks

5 Creative Glass Presentations for Your Slush and Drinks

In the modern world, the hectic schedules and depressions won’t allow people to do entertainment. Here the drinks and slushes play an important role to make them feel relaxed. With the innovation of refreshing slushes and drinks, everyone loves to spare some time to visit a juice bar. Whether it’s a vacation or a friendly meeting, juice bars becomes a prior choice for everyone. Even the health-conscious person and gym trainers always visit juice bars to drink slushes and organic juice. The best part of any juice bar is always the glass presentation that attracts a person to drink more and come back later.

The glass presentation for your slushes and drinks cannot be simple and common, or else it won’t give any benefit to you or your customers. You need to give a reason for the people to buy drinks and slushes from your juice bars. Considering glass washes for bars could also be a useful step in order to save time and efforts. But to create an attractive impact you need to continue reading this article.

1-Add High-Quality Glasses

In today’s era, you will find plenty of simple and ordinary glasses that couldn’t give the customer a luxurious drink. If someone would find your inventory similar to his home, he would lose interest. This is because nowadays people want more value against money. Once you added high-quality glasses that are specially designed for a particular drink, you will be able to increase the sales and enhance the glass presentations for your slush and drinks. Remember that the glasses create first impression and could also damage your reputation, if found cracked.

2-Be Unique with Every Drink

Uniqueness and creativity are all you wanted to make your glass presentations effective. Therefore, it is important to divide your customers into the categories. The first categories are for those who order for drinks like Champaign, whiskey, vodka or bears. Remember that, these customers want the quality chilled drink with cubes in the glass. The second category customers are those who want some greenish vegetables or other healthy stuff within their juice. Therefore, finish your slushes and drinks glass presentations by adding greenish healthy veggies.

3-Add Cream & Crush Ices Over Your Slushes

Be creative with the drinks or slushes you prepare. The glass presentation for your slushes could get enhanced with the creams and vanilla extracts. You can put the vanilla extracts over the final touching to give a unique appearance of your slush.

4-Creative Straws

An effective glass presentation for your slushes and drinks is not all about finishing and attractive glassware. You need to add creative straws, even look for the eatable straws made up of chocolate biscuits to enhance the customer experience.

5-Create Balance

Creating balance is an essential element that is often neglected in glass representations. You need to match the colour theme while representing the slush or drink to your customers. A perfect balanced ingredient, finishing, glassware and the serving tray is the perfect way to enhance the customer experience.

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