5 Creative Ideas to Reuse Your Towels

5 Creative Ideas to Reuse Your Towels

Do you have some old towels that you no longer use? Finding ways to utilize those old towels that can no longer work in your bathroom? Today we are going to suggest you few creative DIY ideas on how to reuse those old towels. When it comes to old used towels, nothing is more satisfying than using those towels and turning them into something useful or utilizing them for other purposes. There are plenty of creative ways, which will amaze you on how to turn those old towels taking up space in your storage cabinet into something much more useful. As mentioned in the article by embroidered towels UK, following are some of the DIY ideas on how to reuse your old towels in a creative way.

Cleaning Cloth

The easiest one or perhaps the most obvious, one among the list, is to use your old towel as a cleaning rag. Instead, you dishing out cash on buying a new cleaning rag you are better off using your old towel whether it's for your garage or household chores like cleaning or wiping the floor.


If you have a little one at home than this one is for you, babies tend to make a mess when eating or being fed. An old towel can be cut in half or quarters to be used as bibs. Just make sure to cut the towel in a bib shape and then sew the edges. Do remember to leave room for the ties. This creative idea of reusing towel is very simple yet very effective.

Ironing Board Cover

Ironing board at homes usually takes a lot of beating or perhaps a lot of wear and tear over the years and thus becomes stained and worn out. It is best advised to use your old towel and old bed sheet that you do not use anymore and you can turn them into a cover for your ironing stand. You can begin with cutting the towel of the exact size as the ironing board and then follow that with cutting the bed sheet with extra cloth hanging around all sides of the ironing board. The reason why you will be cutting the bedsheet larger than the size of the board is so that you can sew the edges and create a drawstring pouch that wraps around the whole ironing board.

Draft Stopper

This idea is pretty handy for winters as you can turn your old towels into draft stoppers. Cold air is heavier than warm air and since it is heavier, cold air usually finds its way beneath your doors. You can stop this draft of chilled air in its track by rolling the towel along the length of your door and tie the ends with a rubber band or a piece of cloth.

Knee Pads

If you are a Gardner or your job requires a lot of kneeling then you can use your old towels and cut them into five-inch squares. Make sure to layer those five-inch pieces on top of the other until you have 4 or 5 layers. Sew these layers together and say goodbye to knee pain.

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