5 DIY Tips to Repair Cracks in Drywall Ceiling

5 DIY Tips to Repair Cracks in Drywall Ceiling

Home is one of the peaceful places you can count on. A new home brings aesthetically pleasing environment, ease to do things you love and most of all, no scary views to make you or your kids frightened. But as time passes by gradually it starts turning old, and often you never get time to keep your home updated. The faded room paints; old drywall ceiling seems to be fine till you find the cracks. The cracks on your drywall ceiling not only fades the outlook of your room but also creates a messy look.

As the world is getting modern, to get rid of cracks often people go with ceiling metal furring installation. It is more resistant and flexible reducing the risk of cracks as compared to the drywall ceiling. But to repair cracks in drywall ceiling there are do it yourself easy hacks you will please to try.

What Causes Cracks in Any Ceiling?

One of the general questions that may arise in your mind is the causes of cracks in ceilings. It’s a natural phenomenon that all structures move slightly which is pretty good as it may get collapsed right after the first vibration. Sometimes the movement can be little more and that’s how cracks appear.

However, the majority of the cracks caused due to the expansion and settlement in the house and contraction of the building material. But these types of cracks can easily be repaired by taking following measures.

1.Widen The Cracks

The first step you need to take is to detect the cracks. Many times when you opt for repairing a single crack after a few days you find the other crack too. This is because you never inspect the drywall ceiling properly. After you had inspected the cracks, you need to use chalk for those which aren’t visible from the distance. This will make your work easier. To repair cracks in drywall ceiling you will need to first widen the cracks.

With the decorator’s knife, you can easily remove any weak plaster, crumbling or any other material that may still be inside the cracks and can become a hurdle in the further process.

2.Clean The Area

After you had removed materials inside the cracks, the second step is to clean the whole area efficiently. Sand the crack to rough up the paintwork and then take a damp cloth to remove all dust. This will help you to repair the cracks in drywall ceiling efficiently.

3.Layer Up

If you aren’t professional, you don’t need to worry while layering the cracks of the drywall ceiling. The easy DIY hack to repair cracks in ceiling is to apply jointing compound or grout to the crack. Use tape to cover the crack.

4.Tackle Drywall Sheet Cracks Efficiently

If you find the crack between drywall sheets along ceiling joist, then simply use drywall screws to hold the two sheets of plasterboards immobile with levelling each other. This is the best way to repair cracks in drywall ceiling.

5.Paint The New Surface

Once you place a jointing compound along the crack on the top of the tape, wait for the jointing compound to dry. Sand the ceiling smooth and prime the new surface. Now you are ready to paint the new surface to match the existing.

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