5 Easy Steps Guide to Decorate Large Wall for Living Room

5 Easy Steps Guide to Decorate Large Wall for Living Room

In any home, the living room is considered as one of the important places that reflects the whole lifestyle. In the 21st century, with many home décor trends, decorating a living room becomes complicated. Especially when it comes to large walls, many people get stuck with the decorations. As many living rooms in this modern era, are vertical with having craved large space. From high ceilings to the walls, it becomes challenging to decorate a living room.

However, you can overcome this challenge of decorating large walls for living room just by implementing on the basics. By getting the metal wall lining system it becomes easy to decorate large walls for the living room. With this guide, you can easily decorate a large wall for living room in an aesthetically pleasing way.

1. Hang Artwork Up High:

The empty space often seems to be unattractive in a living room with large walls. To decorate large walls for living room you can simply use the artworks to play their role in an attractive way. On the high parts of the wall hang artworks that make you feel pleasant. You can create a gallery-style wall that runs the entire height, or you could hang something large high up on the walls. Remember creating a gallery-style wall needs to be engaging and eye-catching. You can showcase your personal artworks, or frames your memories that reflect your family or relationships.

To decorate large walls for the living room it is important to determine which type of artworks will suit you the best. The more decent and appealing artwork you hang, the more aesthetically pleasing environment you get.

2. Take Window Treatment to The Ceiling:

This could be a tough job but could be the best way to decorate the large wall for the living room. With every living room, probably there is a window that opens up to the other room or the garden. But with the large walls, windows are at height. With a lot of quality fabric and attractive design, curtains are the best treatment for the large wall windows. Remember to attach them at the ceiling height, as if you get lower you will create a diversion that never looks good.

3. Use Architectural Details:

Majority of the homes with high ceilings and large walls are exposed with bead boards or beams. If you don’t have, you must need to add some architectural details to the ceilings that will look more connected to the rest of the space.

4. Create Feature Wall:

A feature wall is the best way to connect both parts of the room. This is the ideal way to Decorate large walls for the living room. All you need is to add wood pallet wall or metal pallets, that will enhance not overwhelm the space.

5. Use Shelving Effectively:

Shelving is one of the best ways to decorate your large walls easily. When it comes to tall rooms, you can consider building shelving in the empty space. This could not only cover the empty space but also helps you to make your room more attractive. You can use book shelving or come up with different creative ideas for shelving.

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