5 Essential Biker Mods for Winter Rides

5 Essential Biker Mods for Winter Rides

Winter is here! Ready to go on exciting winter rides with your friends? Here 5 essential bike mods for winter rides that will make your trips a lot more enjoyable and keep you coming back for more. These simple modifications are also going to stay with you long after winter discount, which will make it perfect for spring rides as well. Let's get started.

  1. Upgrade the tires

always start with the tires. As you probably already know a motorcycle stage in contact with the ground via to tiny patches of rubber after tires. If those patches are not specifically designed to grip on wet and cold surface, there is a very high probability that you are going to crash! That is why travelers who go on winter tours, always make sure to change their summer tiles with specifically designed winter motorcycle tires. These have abettor traction on the ground which allows the bike to stay upright even in very tricky conditions. In addition to upgrading the tires come also consider getting a pair of good motorcycle riding boots because you need to have a good grip on the surface of the road when you come to a standstill.

  1. Get aftermarket headlights

Winter means foggy skies and early sunsets. While many modern motorcycles come from the factory with bright headlights that are sufficient to keep you on the road long after the sun has gone down, but that is not the case with your motorcycle, make sure that you install aftermarket headlights on the bike so that you can see clearly even when the streets are not properly lit. these aftermarket additions are very beneficial particularly if you plan on going do a lot of winter rides with your friends that can keep you on the saddle many hours after sunset.

  1. Upgrade your riding gears

How long have you been using your current Motorcycle riding gears? if it has been 5 to 6 years up regular use, it's time you changed them and upgraded it with the latest safety and comfort features provided by the latest branded motorcycle riding gears, helmets, jackets and gloves. While purchasing riding gears for winter riding, check for specifically designed aspects in them that are built to reduce the cold draft entering your body. Another thing that you need to check while purchasing a winter riding motorcycle helmet is the presence of pinlock® visor mechanism that reduces the chance of fogging even when the temperature drops a lot.

  1. Install a windshield

A very smart upgrade that you definitely need to make for winter vacations on your motorcycle is installing a venture in front of the bike. Not only does this make your motorcycle a lot more aerodynamic, it also significantly reduces wind turbulence that could become quite fatiguing if you are on the saddle for 500 or 600 kilometers at a stretch. there are a lot of aftermarket windshield that should fit your specific model of the motorcycle, if that's not the case try talking to the dealership you got your motorcycle from.

  1. Re-evaluate the brake situation

Are the brakes in your motorcycle ready for tricky winter riding conditions? Like we said earlier, if the brakes have not been evaluated for quite a few years now, it might be time for an upgrade or at least a complete evaluation. Take the motorcycle to your nearest repair technician and find out if you need an upgrade or a few tweaks are enough to prepare it for the winter rides ahead.

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