5 Hotel Room Hazards You Should Be Aware Of

5 Hotel Room Hazards You Should Be Aware Of

Planning to travel to an entirely new place and making the necessary arrangements for it does sound easy but there are some hidden security issues that stay overlooked. If you travel often then you would know what hazards to avoid and how to go about different things. However, if it is your first time traveling alone or with someone then there are a few aspects that you have to take care of while living in a hotel.

Make sure your chosen hotel has the required emergency lighting test certificate as it would be helpful in case of any electricity breakout or power out. If you want to know more about the probable hotel room hazards, here are 5 most common hazards that you should be aware of before staying at a hotel.

Cleaning Products That Contain Chemicals

When you allow a room service employee enter into your hotel room just be sure to ask him or her whether the cleaning products and detergents include harmful chemicals or not. If the room is cleaned using such hazardous chemicals and you eat at a place where it was kept, you might just fall sick. Therefore ask the cleaning team beforehand and only then allow them inside your room for cleaning.

Formation Of Gross Mold In Bathrooms

Your room is not the only place that is required to be kept clean as so is the bathroom. Those hotel rooms that are not maintained properly tend to have molds in different places, especially in the bathroom. These molds are not only gross but if you go near one then you could have a hard time breathing so just do not stay near it. Bathrooms with no proper means of ventilation often get mold in various places.

Contamination Of Air With Pollutants

If the premises of your hotel room are not thoroughly cleaned then the dust particles could be stuck in the air. Most rooms have air ducts and air conditioners so if dust is stuck inside it the air is contaminated further. Some people even have dust allergy so if you have one, you should never consider staying in a hotel room that is dusty all around.

Pillows And Bed Sheets Filled With Feathers

In the west, people tend to use pillow and sheets that are stuffed with feathers. Again, feathers can cause some serious allergies so before you book a room, ask the staff to change the pillows with plush ones. Some of the renowned hotels have taken extra care of such allergic issues so if you are not on a budget, you can stay there for your vacation.

No Measures Of Humidity In Winters

When it gets too cold outside, you are bound to get dry skin and eyes. Whether you stay outside or inside your room, you need a heater to keep you warm. However, the heater is not going to help you fix the dry eyes and skin. Some hotels already have placed humidifiers in rooms beforehand in winters. If not, you can just ask them to provide you with one.

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