5 Qualities of Using Custom Boxes for Product Packaging Which Boost Sales

5 Qualities of Using Custom Boxes for Product Packaging Which Boost Sales

In recent times, custom boxes are at boom and their trends are increasing day by day. This creates an alarming situation for those who are still using premade, conventional boxes for transpiration and marketing. Now-a-day’s boxes have multiple purposes and these are not limited to transportation but it extends to the other uses. Such uses comprise marketing, transportation, branding, lowering the cost of the product, escalating the sales of the product, generating more profit, competing the competitors, and making the environment healthy.

All these factors are actually stuffed in the box and then it fulfils such activities. So, getting the right set and fit for your products, customization, and personalization is almost mandatory. These are essential stuff in the box and proper product packaging planning is required. In this planning these three steps are involved;

  1. Information gathering
  2. Designing & sampling
  3. Shipping and delivery

These three-step help us in getting the right boxes for all products and yield standard packaging. Such boxes comprise many qualities and these are;

These are customized

In customization, you get your own design boxes for all products. Your own style, size, shape and colour combination is used. Such custom product boxes are branded and mostly used for retail products. However, these are costly but help in marketing. Few examples of customized shapes are the following;

  1. Pillow shape boxes
  2. Pyramid shape boxes
  3. Briefcase shape
  4. Start and round shape

These are personalized

You can have personalized them; these are personal boxes. You can add the name of the person, add the company name that you are going to market or target each individual person through the box. Some other examples of the personalization are the following

  1. Adding the name of the person
  2. Coca Cola bottle labels with the name
  3. Printing inner and outer side of the box
  4. Adding special effects that represent the attributes of the end-user
  5. Displaying short notes and representing something special

These are the perfect examples of the personalization, no people like such boxes and personalized things. Most of the mobile companies place your own name labels on the box when you order online.

These are protective

The main purpose of any box is the protection of inside item and your box should be protective. For this, make safety measures, add cushion materials, bubble sheets and use rigid materials for the packaging of the box. So, protective boxes save your products and win the trust of your customers.

These are innovative

with the protection and customization, innovation should be a must-have thing. So, it depends upon the designer's expertise. Good and expert designers made all kinds of designs as per your requirements and this is the part of the above-mentioned product packaging planning. In this way, innovative art directors are hired and grapple to yield out of the box cartons solutions for you. Actually, innovative designs are liked by everyone and reduce the frustration through the mind of the customers.

These are competitive

For wholesale custom product packaging boxes production, and retaining your position in the market, your box should be competitive and up to the standard. Your success relies on the representation of your box and this makes your product different from others. In this regard, you should focus on all the factors that are evolving for packaging. Such factors are the following;

  • Luxury material selection
  • Unique style
  • Copyrighted PMS colours
  • Placing gold and silver foiling
  • Easy opening and closing of the box

All the above-mentioned factors make your box extraordinary appealing and mesmerizing. No, doubt these are costly but you will get more in return.

Thus, these 5 qualities are a must-have thing in every box and this leads to the frustration-free packaging. Even, customization and personalization paly an imminent role and materials aside. Without proper packaging, you can’t lead to success and now it becomes the fifth P in the market. So, it should not be overlooked and just yield the topnotch quality and tantalizing boxes for your products.

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