5 Quick Ways to Repair Small Holes in Mobile Homes Walls

5 Quick Ways to Repair Small Holes in Mobile Homes Walls

Mobile homes are built either in factories or place on a trailer chassis to allow owner to be moved. These homes are also known as manufactured homes. In these homes, owners rent any space or lease lands. These homes are often lower-cost option instead of buying stick built homes. In simple words, it is easy to achieve homeownership of mobile homes. Now metal stud and track are used in mobile homes to make them more reliable, stable and flexible.

The home manufacturing depends on the weather rating in the area. These homes will have different insulation degree and safety features built in the walls. For interior wall, drywall, gypsum board or paneling materials usually used.

The type of paneling and drywall are used in manufacturing of mobile homes are generally more fragile and thinner. Small damages are very common on the walls of mobile homes. But it’s very important to repair the damage or holes as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will create big problem. The five quick and easy ways of repairing are mentioned below.

Filling the Holes From Nails:

If the holes id because of nail. Try to remove nail as gently as possible, so it only leave small hole. Use fingertips to wiggle the nail slightly. Then take a small dab of spackling paste and place on the end of your putty knife. Spread the thin layer over it by scraping the end of knife. Wait for one hour to dry. Then use a drywall sanding sponge to sand over the hole, to make even and smooth surface.

Use Plaster of Paris to Repair:

Firstly, vacuum or brush the hole and remove small pieces. Clean all the debris by sanding pad. Then apply a bonding agent over all plaster that is being covered. Apply fiberglass mesh tape over the surface. Take small amount of plaster of Paris and make paste. Fill the wall hole and press deeply. Paint wall after dry.

The Use of Soup to Fill the Small Hole:

The quickest and the simplest way of filling the small hole of mobile home wall is by soup. If your wall if of white color, then it is more easy. Take a white common soup and rub on the small hole. The small particles fill the small hole of wall.

Fix the Patch:

Take a square-cornered patch big enough to cover the wall hole. Mark the size over hole and cut from the edge of hole. Fix the patch into the wall, make sure it fix in it. Otherwise fill will plaster of Paris. Apply thin layer of joint compound and then paint the wall.

Tooth Paste and Drywall Repair Tape:

The repairing tape make life easier in mobile homes. Simply apply small amount of tooth paste in the hole. Wait for one day to dry it. The paste drywall tape and apply joint compound if needed. Paint the wall equally.


Mobile homes are usually built in controlled environments and more affordable. Moreover, these are semi-permanent. The only flaw is that it is very sensitive also. They need some repairs continuously. These ways will help you a lot in repairing.

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