5 reasons why balanced audio cables are better than unbalanced ones

5 reasons why balanced audio cables are better than unbalanced ones

We live in a world where slowly and gradually things around us are becoming easily accessible and convenient for us. A few years ago the same things were available but not used to be the way we wanted those things to be. Talking about technology here. We have seen many technological advancements taking place around the world especially in the USA. Experts have worked a lot to make things easy for us and helped us a lot in getting the right information. For example a few years back nobody used to know about cables like Cat5e plenum or cat6a Ethernet cables, but now everyone knows about these cables and their importance and that is just because of the technological advancements that have been made.

Many setups are done by people and whenever people go for a new setup they search for the equipment they need to purchase for it. Few setups require some systems like audio systems. Everyone makes sure to get an audio system that is efficient enough to provide the best audio quality. Many things are used to provide an efficient audio quality system and among all those things cables are the most essential component about which people do proper research before buying.

Many people stay confused between balanced and unbalanced cables. We will always recommend people to go for balanced audio cables and not for the unbalanced ones. Before reading the reasons below I want to clear one thing here, that before buying a balanced audio cable you should have balanced gear and a balanced mixer (frequency mixer), then only the balanced cables will be efficient for you. Now read the reasons below.

Noise Interruption:

This has to be the most important reason behind choosing a balanced cable. When we are hearing an audio, many times we experience background disturbances and because of that, we are not able to concentrate on the audio. Sitting in an environment with no disturbance is quite an impossible thing. So what’s the solution? The solution is to go for balanced audio cables that cancel out the noise interference. The two types of signals in a balanced cable work together in reducing noise interruption. This is one of the main reasons behind the balanced cable preference over unbalanced ones.

Goes for Longer cables:

Imagine having a huge setup, where you require a long cable and you just cannot compromise on it because of any primary or secondary reason but you get to know that the cables you have chosen don't support longer lengths, means the signals might get interrupted if you extend the length of the cables. You will feel disappointed. A balanced cable can save you from this disappointment, as it supports the signals even if you choose to go for a 100 feet cable. Your audio will not get interrupted with it because of the length of the cable, unlike unbalanced ones.

Prevents device damage:

You must have heard this thing a lot that a wrong cable can cause device damage. You will see this happening if you go for an unbalanced cable. This cable causes damage to your device making it worse for the ones using it. The other cable that is the balanced one prevents and saves your device from getting damaged. So, you get to avail this benefit with its use.

Reliable signals:

Quality signals are always supposed to be an essential thing to be looked for in any cable. Any cable providing weak quality signals might result in many kinds of disturbance in audio. A balanced cable is known for providing a stable and reliable signal to the users. The audio that you will get to hear while using the balanced cables will have the best sound quality, being so clear that you won’t ever feel like going back from balanced cables. Signals should always be stable and reliable so that you don’t have to worry about your audio connection getting disconnected or interrupted.

Supports professional audio systems:

All of us know that whenever it comes to a professional setup so people always go for the things that will support that setup. Many times people face this problem that the equipment that is required to be used in the system is not efficient enough to go with it, and they have to do proper research before buying the equipment for their professional setup. You don’t need to do heavy research on the cables as all of us know that balanced cables are the best for professional audio systems, providing stable signals, less noise interference, and supporting longer lengths. All of these reasons make a person go for balanced cables.

We have told you all the genuine reasons behind preferring balanced cables over unbalanced ones. Everyone wants their systems to be upgraded and efficient and for that I am sure you must go for balanced cables. Concluding on a note that many new gadgets have been made, many new advancements have been made, and much more efforts are being made to bring the latest technology, so why should one not go with the one having the maximum benefits?

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