5 Signs you’ve found an Awesome Bubble Tea in New York City

5 Signs you’ve found an Awesome Bubble Tea in New York City

Bubble tea has been my favorite beverage drinks. I remembered those days when I was about ten years old, took a visit with my mum to Gong Cha's bubble tea downtown NYC and clutching my favorite fresh taro milk with tapioca pearls.

And up till now, I've fallen in love with bubble tea blended with cream and tea- from classic matcha milk tea to a yummy black milk tea.

Bubble tea is now more like an obsession; every city I visit, I try to look for a tea store.

Here are 5 Signs you’ve found an Awesome Bubble Tea store in New York City.

1. The Bubbles

Bubbles are the most critical part of bubble teas and an excellent way to judge the quality of a tea shop. Also called tapioca pearls, a nice bubble must be chewy and springy, not stiff and hard, and must be slightly sweet. If you visit a store with this kind of bubbles, you're at the right place.

2. Being able to customize your bubble tea

While many people would love their boba tea to taste yummy like a Starbucks frap, others would love to have it unsweetened so they could enjoy the real taste of tea. With that, if a bubble tea store in NYC allows you to choose your preferred sweetness level, know that their priority is to keep you satisfied.

You can also customize your drink in several days. You can, for example, add toppings like herbal jelly or red bean, or even adjust the ice level.

High-quality stores like Gong Cha will even prepare a hot version of your favorite drink on those cold days.

3. Seating and Environment

I'm usually surprised when I visit a bubble tea store with no Air Condition, even on a summer noon. It instantly switches my moods to a bad one, making me want to leave as fast as I can. It can be difficult to find a spacious sitting as well, as most stores only created a space to accommodate a few stools. You know you're in the right bubble tea store when you have enough space to sip your boba with friends.

Free WiFI is a big advantage, too, especially for students who want to study while sipping their favorite tea. Basically, we all want a bubble tea store that replicated a coffee store.

4. Drink Variety

Not everyone goes to the bubble tea shop for tea. Some go there for coffee drinks, milkshakes, or fruit smoothies. A reliable bubble tea store must have something for everyone.

Having a diverse variety of tea is pretty nice too. You can quickly get your favorite choice (depending on your craving). From flavorful unsweetened matcha to the classy black tea, be prepared to choose your preferred option.

5. High-Quality Tea

A reliable store will prioritize the taste of their bubble tea. Although I'm a huge fan of milk and sugar, I also must be able to feel the underlying sweetness of the tea. The fruity undertone of the bubble tea blends the sweetness and quality of the tea. You'll want a nicely-tasty drink even with no toppings and extra frills.

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