5 Smart Measure To Prevent Shoplifting In Your Store

5 Smart Measure To Prevent Shoplifting In Your Store

Retailers use to think it’s very expensive to prevent shoplifters, that’s why they opt to take smart and low cost measures. But for small businesses it’s very difficult to integrate effective, competent anti-shoplifting practices. Due to which most of the retailers are losing 2% of their profits. Now they just want to know how to control these losses without spending too much money? Obviously store wide security integrations to prevent shoplifting is quite expensive. But there are so many low cost and impactful options for retailers which they can implement to prevent having these losses. Here we are discussing about the 5 smart measures that will help the retailers to prevent shoplifting in their stores.

1. Keep Your Store Well-Organized:

The first thing that retailers should do to prevent shoplifting in their stores is to keep everything well organized in the lockable fridges. Obviously, it will be difficult to prevent losses in the business when you can’t identify its reason. That’s why you need to have a proper inventory management system that will help you to get the details of products sold, returned and defective pieces. In short, the retailer must know about his products and level of customer’s satisfaction. It will help them to identify the actual cause of loss and enable them to prevent it.

2. Ensure Your Product Visibility:

Another thing that retailers should do to prevent shoplifting is to keep all the products visible. Keep in mind that you have to keep your storeroom well cleaned clear and systematized. That will help you to reduce losses and product breakage that might happen due to unarranged messy piles of things. Well-arranged products, stores and stockrooms will help you to prevent costly shoplifting issues.

3. Know How to Identify Shoplifters:

Presently there are so many retailers complaining about the theft issues. To prevent these issues they should know how to identify the shoplifters. Most of them prefer to wear baggy clothes, childless strollers and wear heavy coats even in the summer to keep the stolen items. So it’s very important for retailers to be very cautious about people having the similar looks and attire. It’s better to hire the security guard so that he might keep an eye and spot the shoplifters before they stole something from your store.

4. Display Loss Prevention Signs:

Small businesses didn’t have to spend too much on the costly security systems to prevent these type of shoplifters. According to stats most of the thefts are un-planned that’s why it is easier to prevent them. Most retailers prefer to use loss prevention signs in their stores due to which potential thieves will think twice before stealing things. Infect you can also install surveillance cameras that will help you to prevent and track these type of criminals.

5. Find Suitable Theft Solutions:

There are so many theft prevention systems available in the markets. That’s why retailers should prefer to select the best solutions according to the type of business they are doing. Keep in mind that all businesses don’t need the same level of security so retailers should check the type of business they are doing after that they have to finalize the prevention methods.

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