5 Things to know before choosing MMA Gloves

5 Things to know before choosing MMA Gloves

Searching for the best MMA gloves? Well you've gone to the perfect place. Digging up right pair of gloves from so many different type of MMA gloves is difficult . A few warriors even use various sets of gloves relying upon what kind of training or competing they will do.

Gloves are a significant piece of safety that you should wear when practicing mixed Martial arts. Fighters believe that MMA gloves are used to protect their competitor. It’s a fact that they more likely to use to protect your own hands and wrists.

Fighters should be very choosy in getting a Gloves pair. There are few things to keep in mind before buying a long lasting, light weight, comfortable and Affordable MMA gloves.

Gloves Type

Gloves type is the most important factor, there are many kind of gloves available in the market. We are discussing majorly three type of gloves that would be best for your nature of training.

Competition Gloves

mma boxing gear

Depending upon the fighting rules, Competition gloves are 4 ounces in weight along with minimal MMA pads and shields inside. It’s necessary to wear wraps or inner padding gloves under MMA gloves because there is few amount of padding allowed in fighting.

Training Gloves

Grappling/ Hybrid or training gloves are special MMA gloves used for MMA training. They have fragmented fingers with cushioning concealing to the subsequent knuckle. This sort of finger design enables your hands and fingers to have enough movement to hook while giving you some degree of safety for punching.

Material and Quality

Leather Fabricated

Leather made MMA Gloves are the most reliable and long lasting type of MMA Boxing Gloves. Leather MMA Gloves are less expensive than synthetic gloves. Leather Gloves are much more comfortable and durable for a long period of time.

Foam Padded MMA Gloves

MMA Grappling Gloves

Foam padding is most commonly used in Mixed martial Arts Gloves. There are many gloves makers using layered foam which is more flexible instead of regular foam. It’s highly recommended to buy gloves with durable layered foam padding.

Wrist Support Strap

It’s the most important factor to look for MMA gloves with solid and supportive wrist strap. The wrist starp is the most important thing that holds the gloves and keep your wrist tight and safe.

Origin of manufacturing

The most important aspect is to know who are the manufacturer of your MMA gloves. The best gloves are often made in Pakistan (According to MRX Products Inc.). Cheap MMA gloves are often from countries like China and Pakistan and are made with good quality materials because the labouring cost is relitavely low in these countries.

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