6 Amazing Tips to Get Soft Hands Permanently

6 Amazing Tips to Get Soft Hands Permanently

We all come from different walks of life and no one has it easy in this life one way or the other! Our daily lives of working hard to be better versions of our older selves take a lot out of us and no matter what we do the number 1 tool that we all use is our own body part, our hands. Through rigorous hard work and neglect, we tend not to take much care of our hands except for using a better hand washing soap. Read below 6 really amazing tips on how you can make your hands soft and the skin on your hands smooth as silk.

Eggs Rub

Eggs are fantastic in keeping your hands smooth and silky, the properties of egg yolk helps in smoothing skin texture and the absorption of it by your skin smoothens it tremendously. Take a few eggs and separate them the yolk from the whites. Add some honey, rose water if available and voila, you now have a pleasant-smelling egg-based hand lotion that is as pure as it can be and works like a charm, apply it all over your hand for 10 minutess and rub it well before cleaning under cold tap water.

Sweet and Sour

A home remedy for the masses, the best and easiest way to have an always available hand rub that just works like a charm is by creating a mixture of lemon juice and sugar. Squeeze lemons and into a bowl and then pour the juice in an old empty cleaned out lotion bottle for easy access. Then add sugar that is equal to one-fifth of the lemon juice. Once done so, shake the bottle and apply away. This also helps to remove any unpleasant odors that might still be on your hands. Also, this is one home remedy you can taste away!

Hide Away

If you live in a region that is either too hot or too cold, there are precautions that you can take. For regions that are low in temperature, wear gloves to protect your hands from the cold, the cold not only makes the skin starchy and hard but also high windy cold changes the colour of your hands to more patchy dark spots. If you live in the hot regions of the world, then you need to apply sunblock and hide your hands from the heat at all cost.


We all do house chores and we all look to ensure everything in our surrounding is clean and tidy, however, this result should not come at the cost of the beautification of your hands. Protect your hands with latex gloves and use tools rather than your hands directly to do most of the chores.


Make sure that the fabric you use for cleaning your hands is of the best quality, hand towels uk provides soft highly absorbent hand towel that does not damage your hands no matter how hard you rub them.


The last and the most important tip: Stay Hydrated. In turn, keeping your skin hydrated.

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