6 Short Term Job Oriented Courses After Graduation

6 Short Term Job Oriented Courses After Graduation

Some people might have a question in their mind that why there is a need for any course once the graduation is done. Let me tell you, this is a world of cut edge competition and continuous growth. Even one thing extra than another person can give you a chance to survive in the market and make you stand out of the crowd of job seekers. Gone are the days when graduation was considered as the best degree and a perfect fit to get a good job. It is not enough to sustain and hence you need to have specialization in some or other specific area.

But when you go for choosing the courses after graduation, there is a dilemma again- which course to go for as the market is flooded with hundreds of technologies. To get your problem solved, we have listed out some of the best job oriented courses that you can take after completion of graduation and which will definitely be a good start for your career.

Let’s have a look at these courses below:

  1. Diploma in Human Resource Management

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is important that you recruit the right candidate for the right profession and at the right time. If you love this profession of choosing candidates in a most appropriate manner then taking up the diploma in human resource management can be a perfect choice. With this one year course, you will be getting training on hiring the right resources for the job and how to act as a human resource consultant. You will get the idea to deal with any issues in the management changes, employee-related policies, laws for employee and compensation related terms.

  1. Diploma in computer application

This is a good option for candidates who want to work in computer operations related field. It is a 6 to 12 months course where you will be learning various computer-based applications including MS office, operating system, front end applications like HTML, CSS, etc and Database management. Once the course gets completed, you can work as a computer operator, computer teacher, and cyber café owner, etc.

  1. Data science course

Data science is the hottest job of the 21st century and has worldwide growth. With the increase in the amount of data, there is a regressive growth in demand of the data scientists who can independently handle the massive data of the organization and get the positive and useful insights which can help the company to grow and have a good business. You can become a data scientist, by taking Data Science course training, then it can be a smart decision as you will get complete knowledge about the course and all the required terminologies. Thus, getting a job will become very easy without the need of any experience. Also, the salary package of the data scientists is very high and it keeps increasing with experience and knowledge.

  1. Digital marketing

With the world getting digitalized completing, taking up the digital marketing course after graduation can be a wise decision. Digital channels have now become the most required tools for modern marketing. The digital platforms are involved in all the business related functionalities. The various digital marketing courses can be really beneficial as you will learn all the techniques of digital marketing in a better way. The courses are just 2 to 4 months long based on the type of learning needed. You will get a good job scope after the course completion with attractive salary packages.

  1. Business accounting and taxation

If you are from the commerce background and completed graduation in the same then the business accounting and taxation course will suit you the best. It is a three-month course where you will get to learn all the fundamentals of accounting and tax-related matter. You will be learning about the payroll policies, accounting concepts, financial statements, and SAP modules, etc and thus getting a job in the accounts department will be easier for you.

  1. Mobile app development

Last but not least in the list of short term job oriented courses in Mobile app development. This is the era of mobile and it is a handy device. Therefore, organizations keep looking for individuals who know how to develop mobile based applications. With this mobile application development course, you will learn how to work on various mobile operating systems . The course duration is 4 to 6 months but in the end, you will be able to make successful applications for mobile.

So now you can decide on the course that suits the best and can be a better option for your future.

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