6 Unbelievable Tips To Avoid Termite Problems In The House

6 Unbelievable Tips To Avoid Termite Problems In The House

Termites are a very unusual kind of pest and are often known as silent eaters because the damage is done in absolute silence and discretion. The problems start to appear to the human eye when the tiny insects have eaten a big section on the wooden floor or cabinets and the lines can be seen on the surface. Get rid of the termite problem instantly because they will not stop or wait for you to devise a plan. Their job is to eat 24/7 and they will stop at nothing until the whole object collapses to the ground. If you are horrified of the dangerous pests and want to save the home furnishings, then have a free quote from one of the best companies who offer termite control in Richmond TX.

Another way to avoid these things is to have a good preventive plan:

Electric current

Passing the current through the wet surface that has termites attacking, will instantly rid you form the problem. This is a very strange but highly effective method of removing termites from an area of the house. However, there can be hazards in electrocuting the termites and this method should be used with extreme caution.

Essential oils

The strong smell of few oils such as tea tree, orange and lavender can be very good to repel the insects. It is also effective on termites. Do remember that it is a preventive measure and you will not get rid of a termite attack of full force. The smell of oils will not drive them away once they start eating.

Ample Natural Light

Termites do not like the sunlight and if the area is completely exposed to the light regularly, there is a good chance they will not attack the area. In this way, you will be able to keep everything dry and moisture free as well.

Natural killer-Boric acid

A very toxic material that we know as boric acid, is very good to kill the termites, be sure to spray it on the damaged area only and do not let it go near your mouth. Keep the kids away from this section of the house until it has been entirely clean.

Make a trap with cardboard

Soak the strips of cardboard and use them as bait for the termites so that they will all gather around that wet cardboard to eat it. As soon as the paper trap is filled with termites, burn the piece of cardboard and the targeted area will be clean. You can repeat this trapping method several times to make sure everything is good to go.

Reduce Moisture

Go for the best available companies for termite treatment in Richmond TX and they will focus on making the place completely dry. The basic element that attracts termite is the water, not exactly water, it only craves for a moistened place that can become a home for them and allow them to call new workers to that colony.

When we talk about termites, the only picture appears on the screen of the human mind is the eaten up cabinets, wallpaper, and roofs. This is so damaging that the whole roof may collapse if they are not stopped because as we discussed earlier, these will not stop at anything and will consume all the wood or cellulite based material that comes in the way. You need to conduct a termite inspection after a few months to ensure the safety of all the components in a house that may look nice. Follow the revealed ideas and stay away from termites all your life.

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