6 Ways to Generate Quality Leads Using Email Marketing

6 Ways to Generate Quality Leads Using Email Marketing

Generating quality leads is a common goal for every business, no matter what type of products and services they offer. Though there are several ways of lead generation, email marketing still has its own relevance.

Majority of people think that email marketing is losing its relevance slowly, and almost dying. The reason is people nowadays avoid reading promotional messages that they receive on a regular basis, and it makes email marketing less productive.

Literally, it’s not true! Even today, businesses rely on email marketing to a greater extent, when it comes to lead generation, though they can use social media and other platforms. The most interesting fact about email marketing is - it’s not only helpful in generating quality leads, but it also helps businesses generate leads in bulk. If you still do not understand how it works then simply you can hire a digital growth agency.

To make your email marketing more effective and goal-oriented, you need to change your existing strategy (if it fails to produce the desired outcomes) and revamp it with a new approach based on users’ needs, interests, habits, professions, age and more.

People nowadays have a wrong perception about email marketing and they think it is less productive in lead generation. This is not true, an email marketing campaign needs a well-drafted strategy and a right approach to ensure its success, with 100% results.

In this post, I am going to discuss certain effective strategies that really work great and make email marketing campaign goal-oriented.

Collect Genuine Emails

This is first, but the most important step that determines success of your email campaign. Make sure you are sending your messages to the right persons who you think can become your potential customers. To make it happen, you need to collect genuine email ids.

There are two ways of collecting emails;


Though collecting emails manually is a time-consuming process, still it ensures genuineness of data that you collect. In this process, you have to visit many directory listing websites to gather information regarding business about a particular place. Here, you can find ‘URLs’ of thousands of websites of different categories. You can visit these websites one-by-one to collect email ids.

Use Software

There are many email extractors that will help you in collecting email ids of those whom you wish to target, through email marketing. You can use email extractors in search engines, websites, clipboard., etc., to extract details. Of course, it saves your time and lets you extract email ids in bulk. But, the major setback of using email extractors is that it doesn’t provide genuine data, most of the time. Majority of email ids you get are fake or abandoned by users.

Though there are two ways of collecting email ids, still it’s wise to extract data manually for getting maximum accuracy.

So, never rely on email extractor. Instead, spend time and collect data manually. This will help you in sending the right messages to genuine recipients.

Keep your Messages Short, Meaningful and Purposeful

As with the growing numbers of smartphone users, you should write your messages keeping them in your mind. Smartphone users are not interested to read lengthy messages, written in the form of article consisting of many paragraphs or something like this.

All you need to do is to write a short yet interesting message that can easily attract the recipients at the first glimpse. You should be clear about your purpose of writing and mention everything quite clearly, which you wish to convey to your recipients

“The message should be written short, crisp and meaningful to attract recipients. Your message should be able to convey the main objective in minimum words and also without taking so much time of users.”

Focus on Writing an Eye-Catchy and Personalized Subject Line

No matter how good your message is, it will not work without an effective subject line. Need not to mention, the subject line plays a crucial role in drawing the attention of your target audience to open and read the entire message.

The reason is the subject appears first when the recipients go through the ‘inbox section, while reading emails. There’s of course the possibility that they will read your subject, but they will open your mail only if they find your subject line is relevant to them.

So, you may be thinking about how to write a catchy subject that can easily gain the attention of recipients? Well, think about the new concept of writing a story with a fresh mind.

According to study, personalized subject lines are doing a wonderful job, with upto 50% higher open rates.

So, you can also adopt this approach to increase the success of your email marketing campaign. While writing a personalization subject line, you need to consider a couple of important things.

  • Keep it with minimum words yet meaningful and interesting.

  • Address recipient by their name.

  • Try to relate your subject line to the recipient's recent search and interest related to your service.

  • Write messages in a way to increase their curiosity.

  • Write it to make them feel like the message is written exclusively to them.

“The subject line of your email is crucial and decides whether the recipients will click your mails or not. Try to make it personalized to increase open rates.”

Message should Address Recipient with ‘Their Name’

We all love to read messages that start by addressing ‘our name’ directly. It makes us excited and also prompts us to read the entire information. So, it's a good idea to use the same approach, while writing messages for email marketing.

Instead of reflecting that the message is written for general purpose, you can make it more refined with a personal touch. If possible, you can start your messages by writing the name of your recipients. For instance, you can write ‘Dear Robin’ instead of writing ‘Hi’, ‘Hey’, ‘Dear Customer’ or something like this.

“Addressing recipients directly by their names makes them feel excited and they wish to read your entire message and most of the time act accordingly.”

Write Message with Problem-Solving Approach

Of course, your main intention behind sending emails to your target audience is to increase your customer base and thus boost your sales figure. But, you should never unveil this while sending messages. In other words, your messages should not appear as a sales copy, as it makes your users frustrated.

Rather than this, you should write your message as a solution to any problem, which you think your target audience may be looking for. For instance, if you are a digital marketing provider, then you may approach businesses with the right solutions to make their websites effective to gain more visitors and convert them into their potential customers.

Your message should inform them how increasing their website ranking in search engines helps them in increasing traffic to their website and also gaining more customers for their business.

Call to Action

Call to action (CTA) is the most important thing used in many places including websites, promotional blogs, sales copy, etc., apart from email marketing. It’s an integral part of marketing strategy. The main purpose of writing CTA is to prompt recipients to take action to avail the deals and discounts when buying any products and services.

But, the way of writing CTA varies according to the purpose of your content. For instance, if you are writing promotional blogs for recent offers and discounts on your products and services. You can include CTA as ‘What’s looking more?” “Hurry up to grab offers” or similar things, at the end of your promotional copy.

But, you can’t go the same way, when mentioning CTA in email marketing. You should never let recipients feel that they are prompted or compelled to take action, after reading your mail. You can mention it in a polite way as “It would be elated to hear from you” or something written in the same way.

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