6 Ways To Protect Your Company From GDPR Fine

6 Ways To Protect Your Company From GDPR Fine

As the digital age dawns on the world, humans are facing new challenges regarding the protection of digital data. European Commission planned to bring data protection reforms in January 2012. It was set out on the mission to make the European Union better adapted for the digital age. GDPR is the core of these reforms. Let us dive into brief details of GDPR.

What Is GDPR?

It stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. It is a set of regulation to better protect personal data of all individuals of the European Union.

If you own a small business and hire payroll services Bromley, you need to be careful while you share the information. The “appropriate technical and operational measures” should be taken to avoid fines and penalties.

All the data processors are required by EU law to disclose data collection and clarify the intent and lawful basis of the collection. It was implemented on 25 May 2018 and it has been more than a year. Still, small business owners are struggling to get the point.

Here are 6 simple ways to avoid getting GDPR fines.

1. Review All Data Collection Forms

The first step where you directly deal with personal data is on recruitment forms. Other important documentation including benefit forms and scheme sharing forms, also deals with personal information. Review all such forms which contain personal information of your employees.

Only add the necessary fields. Be extra careful while you are sharing information with third parties such as payroll service providers. Any mistakes can cost your company heavy fines. This task should be done by some professional. usually company hire chartered accountant to this job. But keep in mind hire professional accountant with experience.

2. Update Your IT Systems

Businesses need to update their IT systems for various important reasons. One of the essential reasons is to secure the contained information. The government provides schemes such as Cyber Essentials helps protect companies against security breaches.
Cyber-attacks can turn out to be nightmares even if they are controlled later. Any unintentional data leaks can cost you a hefty amount.

3. Handle HR Documents As Per Rules

Human resource department should always declare the rules of document retention and destruction. Authorities are concerned about these procedures. As per the GDPR, you should not be keeping personal data for more than the necessary time. Devise strict time limits.

4. Train Your Every Staff Member

It has been more than 13 months since the GDPR was enforced. Authorities require that you train all your staff members regarding these regulations. Data processors need vigorous training.

5. Implement Effective Protection Policy

Every organization is unique and works in its manner. Implement an effective protection policy for your employees. Before you hand over the general data to pension provider or payroll services company in Bromley, ensure safe data-controller-to-processor arrangements.

6. Devise A Robust Plan To Report Data Breach

According to GDPR, you need to report relevant authorities about any data breach as soon as possible. You must report it within 72 hours. Devise a robust plan to detect, report, and investigate safety breaches.

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