7 Benefits of Obtaining the Cisco CCNP collaboration certification with 300-075

7 Benefits of Obtaining the Cisco CCNP collaboration certification with 300-075

Collaboration plays a fundamental role in business success and innovation. Cisco realized the importance of cooperation for companies a long time ago and developed relevant training. Today, professionals take four exams (300-070, 300-075, 300-080, 300-085) that guarantee them with the CCNP collaboration credential. The respective training is offered to expand their knowledge, skills and ability to provide business value solutions. To illustrate this with the benefits of the CCNP collaboration credential, we will focus on the 300-075 test. However, we will take a look at other tests that should be taken.

300-075 exam details

Before analyzing the 300-075 exam with more information, let's see the other three exams that must be done to obtain the CCNP collaboration credential.

  • 300-070 - Implementation of IP telephony and Cisco video
  • 300-080 - Cisco IP telephony troubleshooting and video
  • 300-085 - Implementing the Cisco collaboration application

The 300-075 exam checks candidates' knowledge of the Cisco Unified Collaboration solution in a multi-site environment. It requires candidates to be experts in the discovery of Cisco Video Communication Server and Expressway Series control, as well as how they can be used with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

The CCNP Collaboration 300-075 exam includes around 50-60 questions that must be completed in 75 minutes. CertsAway finishes the exam, you should know the topics that this exam implies, they are the following:

  • VCS control
  • Collaboration advantage
  • Configuration of video service parameters CUCM
  • Describe and implement a call processing redundancy that is centralized
  • Specification and configuration of a multi-site dial plan
  • Implementation of a Call Control Discovery / ILS
  • Implementation of video mobility features
  • Implementation of CUCM and bandwidth management.

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  • Benefits of being certified

We all have dreams. Not us. We dedicate our time to take the certification exams because one day they will bring incredible benefits to our career. In addition, certifications also provide many benefits to your employer. Today, this page will illustrate you with various benefits that you and your employer will find in the certifications. Sit back, relax and discover the 7 main interests to obtain the CCNP Collaboration certification.

  • Who is hired: specialists or generalists?

Recruiting managers require professionals who have particular expertise in their field. If you obtain the CCNP Collaboration certification, you will be more likely to be hired than your conventional counterparts. Competition for IT jobs is tough and certifications play an important role during the hiring process.

  • Retention of employment

In a fast-growing environment, companies often look for profitable ways. Companies would like to hire professionals who can perform a variety of tasks that hire many professionals who perform a single job for a long time. Having a certification shows that you are capable of carrying out several activities, tackling complex tasks and that you are an ambitious person, which aims to improve your skills and knowledge. Therefore, it benefits you and your employer.

  • Promotions

If you need to scale your career easily and quickly, you need to learn new technologies that the world is adopting. Obtaining a credential is a way to update your knowledge to meet industry necessities. Your employer will definitely elevate you to superior positions with a better salary because you have the skills to work in those positions. The normal annual income of CCNP Collaboration expert is approximately $ 89,124 per year. The positions you can apply range from systems administrator and consulting engineer to infrastructure engineer and senior engineer. Therefore, certifications give you an opportunity for promotions in your company.

  • Opportunities to establish contacts

Once you obtain a Cisco certification, you will have the privilege of joining a unique group of certified and trained professionals. This group will help you find answers to some of the life problems you will encounter in your career. You will also have the opportunity to share solutions to the challenging scenarios that your colleagues have encountered. In addition, this group of Cisco certified professionals can help you with guidance on how to search for the specific technical knowledge needed for your career.

  • Professional credibility

Obtaining a certification from world-renowned suppliers will surely provide immediate professional credibility. Who will challenge a credential that is validated by Cisco? Having received one or more Cisco credentials demonstrates your dedication and commitment to professional development. Therefore, after the CCNP Collaboration credential, you can opt for a higher level of CCIE certification. New level- new opportunities, you know.

  • New and current technologies.

Information technology is a field that is very vibrant in the world. Every day, there is an innovation that aims to solve the problems of daily life. Obtaining the CCNP Collaboration certification demonstrates that you have a clear idea of the latest technology. In addition, it shows that you can migrate to the company's system from prior technology to current technology.

  • Professional or corporate requirement

One way to ensure that the IT staff of your company has the necessary skills and knowledge is through certifications and training. It is known that certified professionals are more competent and able to solve IT problems in a more excellent way. Hence, CCNP Collaboration, as well as other Cisco credentials, make IT personnel comply with the minimum requirements that the company needs to implement their daily activities.


Cisco credentials certainly open many doors for IT professionals. Why not bet today and remain relevant in the industry? There are several benefits you will enjoy once you pass the 300-075 exams with the remaining three and get that precious CCNP collaboration certification.

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