7 Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Your AC

7 Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Your AC

Though a new air conditioner is likely to work better than an old one, all air conditioners start showing signs of age eventually. Below are some tips you can use to enhance both the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioner:

1. Ensure the home is sealed well – After air conditioning installation is done, it’s time to get your home checked by an expert, one who can ensure there are no cracks or gaps near doors and windows, in the insulation, or in the ductwork. Cracks and gaps can cause hot or cold air pockets inside the home while the AC is running. A well-sealed home doesn’t waste energy and is without random hot and cold spots.

2. Regular maintenance – Get the air conditioner checked by an experienced HVAC contractor on a regular basis to ensure that it’s working to full capacity. As professionals, HVAC contractors know how to check components and they can identify problems. Also, they can repairs things before they become irreparable. Regular servicing of the air conditioner ensures that it stays in good working condition for a long time.

3. Change filters regularly – Remember to clean or change the filter once a month, especially if you use the unit on a regular basis. If there are pets in the house, you’ll need to clean the filter twice a month as pet hair has been known to clog filters.

4. Keep condenser unit free of debris – Dust and rain storms are common in the summer, and these can cause small branches, twigs, and leaves to accumulate around the compressor unit, impeding its ability to function properly. Before starting the air conditioner after a storm, check the compressor to see if any debris are obstructing anything. Or you can get the unit checked by an air conditioning repair service to ensure that the condenser is working well.

5. Avoid using appliances like ovens and dryers – When the air conditioner is running, avoid using these electrical appliances. The oven will add heat to the home’s air while the dryer will pull hot air into the home. When running, these appliances put additional pressure on the air conditioner, so it has to work harder to cool the home.

6. Use ceiling fans with an air conditioner – Fans should be used along with air conditioners as they spread cool air around the home fast while reducing the energy needed to cool the home’s interior. They draw hot air upwards and push cool air from the air conditioner towards the ground, making the home’s interior feel comfortable for all those inside.

7. Keep all vents clean – Keep the indoor supply vents free of dust and debris to maintain steady airflow. Check all the vents to ensure that airflow is not being blocked by furniture or any other objects.

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