8 Key Tips for Web Design and Development Services to Drive Sales

8 Key Tips for Web Design and Development Services to Drive Sales

Building an attractive online presence is crucial for your business when it comes to seeking huge sales opportunities. To achieve the coveted online presence on Google’s SERPs, you need to have an effective web design and development strategy that can help you boost your online visibility, drive more traffic, and gain higher conversion rates. Approaching a good offshore web design company or an IT consulting company that provides effective and result-oriented web design and development services with premium support assistance is the best way to create your digital presence instantly.

Useful Tips for Web Design and Development that Boost Sales

If your website is failing to drive enough traffic and convert leads into sales, it’s high time that you should consider reviewing your website. Fixing all the flaws and loopholes in your website can work wonders for your sales and ensure greater ROI from your website. Here are some beneficial web design and development tips that might improve your conversion by leaps and bounds.

1. Responsive Website and Development is the Key

In this world of technology, mobile devices have turned out to be the prime source of website traffic. Today, the majority of the users use smartphones for shopping online, hence, mobiles have huge potentials for generating valuable traffic to your website. As responsive websites impact sales enormously, making your website responsive is the primary step of every website design and development company to drive relevant traffic and conversions.

2. Reduce Loading Speed of Website

Many visitors back off from a website if it fails to load within 3 seconds. Hence, it is very essential to improve the loading speed of your landing page to catch hold of them. Optimizing the web images, reducing redirects, upgrading your website to the latest PHP version, can significantly boost the loading speed of your website, reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

3. Design an Attractive Landing Page for Your Website

“Your first impression is your last impression.” An impressive landing page is the primary lead generating tool for your website and hence, has great potential for higher conversions. Therefore, make sure you design an awesome welcoming page for your website that includes a catchy headline, a high-quality image and a written text of what you’ve to offer.

4. Create an Easy Site Navigation

When designing and developing your website, make sure you create easy site navigation so that your visitors aren’t lost while browsing your website. This makes your website user-friendly and makes it an enjoyable experience for your audience.

5. Highlight Your Call-to-Action Buttons

A clearly visible call-to-action button is a trigger for your website that compels your visitors to take the desired actions on your website. These CTA buttons help in generating leads for your business as they redirect the visitors to a landing page that requests to sign up for your services. Since CTA buttons are an important element of your website, you should use an eye-catching color such as Red for these buttons so that they are clearly visible to your visitors.

6. Embed Videos in Your Web Pages

Reading a 3000-words article with no visuals can be pathetic. A website with visual appeals is highly engaging and can generate tremendous web traffic. Therefore, you should embed high-quality videos on your webpage to help visitors stay longer on your website and explore more on your website which can eventually lead to increased conversion.

7. Add Customer Testimonials and Work Portfolio

Every client or customer likes to share his/her experiences with your business. Having a separate section for displaying their feedback is a good way to gain the trust and loyalty of your existing and other potential customers. Moreover, showcasing the work that you’ve delivered also helps you gain credibility and build a long-term relationship with your clients.

8. Reduce the Length of Contact Forms

Once your customer finds you relevant and helpful to what they’re searching for, they’ll surely want to contact you to ask questions or share their feedback. Make sure you keep your contact form simple and short to make it a hassle-free experience for your customers.

Final Words:

So, know when you’re aware of these tips, implementing them can boost your conversion rates significantly. If you’re unsure how to get started, you may approach your nearest web design and development company or offshore web development company that can help you with your website-related issues anytime no matter where you are.

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