A Few Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Removal Company

A Few Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Removal Company

Anyone who moved a house in their life will tell you that it was the most stressful time. Whether you move house or office the entire procedure will tire you down. Nowadays companies and individuals hire professionals to deal with all the aspects of moving.
To avoid bad surprises like damaged goods or other things we advise you to consider some important aspects when choosing a removal company you could trust. Here are some tips.


A very important aspect when choosing a removal company is checking if they have a licence from the relevant authorities. That will prove their expertise. Most removal companies are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR). All BAR registered removal companies must meet industry standards on safety and quality of work, provide independent resolution in case something goes wrong, offer an advance payment guarantee.


Check different companies’ online reviews on independent comparison sites, for example, Trustpilot. Be aware of opinions on the companies’ own websites as they may only show positive reviews. Another good idea about checking the reputations of certain companies is recommendations from friends and family. Make sure you ask around as this might be the most honest opinion you will get.


Lots of factors will determine the cost of using a removal company. The main key is the amount of goods being transported. Other things such as speed of packing, amount of people hired, type of van used, and distance travelled are also very important. A good removal company should explain exactly their charges and offer some discounts or lower the price if, for example, you will do your own packing with your own materials. Before you decide on the company get a couple of quotes, and don’t forget for the estimate to be broken down in detail so that you know exactly what will you pay for mileage, packing, hourly rate, etc.

Added services

Ask what additional services removal companies provide while researching. Some services might have additional costs. It can be anything from packing and unpacking in your new home, furniture assembly/disassembly, special protective packing for antiques, house clearance, buy/sell second-hand furniture and home appliances, and storage services.

Cars for transport

Always check what kind of vans are being used by specific companies. They might have different sets of vehicles depending on the size of the company, and whether they operate locally or nationally. It is worth asking what car they will use as it can be a problem with parking bigger vans on your street.


Check what are you insured for and when. Most of the removal companies offer limited liability insurance. It means that all your goods are only insured up to a certain value when in transit. It is also worth checking your house insurance as removals can be sometimes covered.

Once you know everything about the licence, insurance, cars, and extra services from your chosen company and most of all you are happy with the price and their reputation, it is time to get ready. Book a couple of days off from work for the big move and remember that preparation is the key to make this time less stressful.

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