A Simple Guide How to Use POS Systems

A Simple Guide How to Use POS Systems

Because today the majority of shoppers use a card to complete a purchase of a product or a service, it is crucial to have a POS terminal in your store, even if you are a small business. POS terminal is just a part of the POS system, and it takes in the customer’s card, completes the financial transaction and prints out a receipt. There are other parts of the POS system, and they are: computer monitor or it can be a tablet screen, card machine, cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode scanner. The POS system processes the sale instantly and efficiently; the money is transferred to the business’ bank account. Here is why to make use of the whole system, step by step.

Make all the segments of the POS system connected.

All of the above-mentioned segments must be linked with each other via an Internet connection, be it wireless or not. The integrated terminal must be connected with the software that runs the POS system so that when you scan the products with the barcode scanner and pick a card payment, the transaction can read the command instantly and finish the deal.

Make sure the POS terminal is working correctly.

Check whether your POS terminal has a thermal POS roll-fed inside and check the supply of thermal POS rolls you have in your office. Regular purchase of thermal POS rolls eliminates the undesired event of having the final stop working because the roll’s run out in the middle of the transaction. Also, make sure that you feed the roll in its place int he terminal correctly.

Print out a report at the end of the day

Every day, at the end of the trading day you need to print out a report that will show the daily total. It will be divided into payment methods including cash, card, cheques and gift card totals. If you are using only a card machine, then the report will show the card sales which later you can compare with the totals in the electronic POS system.

When it comes to the receipt you give out to the customers, make sure that you use thermal rather than bond paper as it is much more durable and long-lasting. If you are not sure which is which, do a simple test before buying the supplies. Swipe your fingernail over the surface of the roll, and if it leaves a black mark, then it is thermal if not it is bond.

Also, make sure that you always buy the premium quality of thermal POS roll paper which will guarantee at least two years of legibility since customers use these receipts in case of a faulty product or when they want to replace it. In addition, make sure that the thermal POS rolls you purchase are suitable for all types of EFTPOS terminals and the sizes will match.

The Bottom Line

Using POS Systems for charging the customers is a transparent and straightforward technique of getting paid for your services and for acquiring as many new customers as possible.

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