A snippet about Kidney Diseases

A snippet about Kidney Diseases

Kidneys are the integral organs of human bodies. They are as important as oxygen for breathing. These are the little bean-shaped organs working 24X7 for the well being of the body. They perform multiple functions to keep the body clean, healthy and fit. But when these beans are unable to perform their functions efficiently it signifies that they are diseased and such condition falls under the diseased kidneys or have hit by kidney diseases.

What are the functions of kidneys?

Kidneys perform a key role in keeping the human body intact and fit. Following are the functions that a kidney performs:

• Maintains a balance of fluid in the body.
• Purifies the blood sent from the heart by removing toxins and wastes from it.
• Converting wastes and toxins in a liquid form known as urine.
• Maintain a pH balance of the blood.
• Maintain a balance of essential nutrients and electrolytes.
• Releases hormones that help in the formation of Red Blood Cells in the body.
• Help in the maintenance of bone health.
• Regulate blood pressure.

What are the causes of kidney diseases?

Following are the causes of kidney diseases that harm the functioning of kidneys:

• Diabetes.
• High blood pressure.
• Inherited kidney diseases.
• People on or above the age of 65 are prone to kidney diseases because the kidneys lose efficiency over the growing period.
• Frequent infections in the renal system.
• Damaged Glomerulus.
• The infection spread from other adjacent organs on kidneys.

What are the types of kidney diseases?

Following are the types of diseases that can become a major cause of concern for a kidney patient:

• Acute kidney disease (AKD) or acute renal failure (ACR)
• Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
• Polycystic kidney disease (PKD)
• Proteinuria
• High creatinine levels
• Nephrotic Syndrome
• IgA nephropathy

What are the common symptoms of kidney failure or kidney problems?

Whenever kidneys are unable to perform their functioning properly, they react in diverse ways. Following are the common symptoms if you are having kidney problems or a condition of kidney failure:

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Poor concentration
• Obstructed sleep
• Urine disorders
• Lost appetite
• Frequent cramps in muscles
• Puffy eyes
• Swollen legs and feet
• Dry and itchy skin
• Increased or decreased output of urine
• Decreased sex drive
• Anemia
• Changes in the pattern, odor, and color of urine
• High blood pressure
• Blood clots

What are the available treatments for these diseases?

There are two methods by which kidneys can be relieved:

• Ayurvedic treatment
• Allopathic treatment

Ayurvedic treatment is inclusive of the treatments derived from nature and its available resources. It includes therapies and changes based on home or herbal remedies.

Allopathic treatment is based on managing the symptoms and complications of the diseases and is inclusive of chemically made medicines and operational methods like:

• Dialysis and
• Kidney transplant

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