AI: The Basic need for Contact Centres!

AI: The Basic need for Contact Centres!

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the future of businesses. For not only the business process outsourcing company, but the introduction of AI is like a blessing for the world. AI is empowering companies today and is helping people simplify daily tasks.

When we talk about the advantages of AI, there is not a single perk to know about. AI helps companies offer 24X7-service availability, helps the audience with multiple applications that ease daily life functions, gives digital assistance, eases repetitive job handling concerns, reduces the possibility of error, and many more perquisites.

With numerous advantages of AI, companies wish to include technology in their operations. Even customers like the service providers who inherit the latest technologies and provide up-to-date services. So why avoiding modern methods when they can simplify daily operations!

Companies can simplify their monotonous functions with AI in use and can even augment their results to the customer. To enrich customer satisfaction, BPO outsourcing firms can use AI to simplify their answering services.


Well, here we team up the ways AI is the guardian angel of contact centres:

AI for speech simulation

The traditional contact centres handled customer support through outbound/inbound calling service. Nevertheless, after the introduction of AI, the call answering services go a modern touch.

With the help of advanced machine learning system, the contact centre agents can now automate their answers and provide a human touch to the customers even when a live agent is unavailable.

Earlier all calls were answered by agents, however now the calls in queues are answered with AI. An automated bot asks questions to the caller and then based on the inputs; generates answers for the caller.

For the calls having a technical issue and the ones that a bot can’t reply are forwarded to a live agent. This way, much hassle and burden on the live agent get distributed unlike earlier when agents had to handle repetitive calls all day.

Identifying call types

With the help of AI, contact centres will be able to identify the call types before even picking the call.

AI interprets the type of call query, further forwarding the same to a relevant agent. This way much hassle of the calls being abandoned and queued due to large incoming call volumes is minimized.

Since the calls are determined on its history, AI picks an interpretation from the same and forwards the customer to the same agent who took it before. Contrarily, the calls are also forwarded based on the expertise of the agent who can resolve the concern.

Learning from customer behavior

With AI, the contact centre agents can guess the clients’ behavior patterns based on some simple algorithms. Earlier, there was no technique for the agents to do so, which is why the staff had to handle all calls manually wasting a lot of time.

AI helps the agents gather customer information from call recordings and predict their behavior, which further helps even new agents to take a call with ease. Due to AI, the agent knows the basic information related to the customers, and even a new man can acknowledge and interact with a customer, the same way as an experienced staff.

Such an act helps contact centres earn customer satisfaction, as the clients feel satisfied when they interact with an informative agent.

Improves efficiency

With the help of AIs’ machine learning, agents can determine the best action for the customers. This way the chance of bringing supreme customer satisfaction increases.

Since interpreting customer behaviour is easy with AI, which makes it easier to determine the best actions for the clients. AI observes the loyal partners’ calls, queries, and views, after which it helps the agent come up with recommendations for the customer.

Since AI studies customer behavior, thus the interpretations drawn from machine learning algorithms can never be incorrect. Therefore, the business process outsourcing companies that include AI in their operations tend to understand customer requirements well.

Augmented performance

When a business process outsourcing company integrates AI in its service, it augments performance. Since the supervisor's analyses the agents’ performance and the agents analyze the customers’ needs, thus boosting services performance is no more a dream.

Earlier meeting the customer expectations was not easy with manual functions. However, AI augments performance with automated facilities at the back.

Wrap Up:

The introduction of AI is like a blessing for contact centres. With automated services by the business side, contact centres have saved uncounted hours that they would have wasted in manual services.

Contrarily, several companies and even agents feel that AI will soon threaten jobs, nevertheless, AI is made to simplify processes for the world, nor to intimidate job opportunities.

All BPO outsourcing firms need to train their agents about the use of AI. Not using AI technology, companies might be losing loyal partners to the competitor. After all, everybody looks for up-to-date services and a company that helps to ease processes with advanced technology.

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