All You Need To Know About Bifold Door

All You Need To Know About Bifold Door

There is a wide range of options when it comes to picking the appropriate doors and windows for your house. Sliding doors are popular in Sydney, Tasmania and Melbourne as are many others like the bifold door, French doors, timber doors, etc. Everyone has different requirements, thus the door you select should meet the needs.

There are many advantages of using the bifold door since it goes in handy for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. This article goes on to describe why it is beneficial to use Bifold doors along with the various applications and important statistics and facts.

What is a Bifold Door?

A bifold door is sliding doors that can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. For example, if you have a great house in Australia with a good view and need a suitable door for a patio that is a good option. bifold doors are popular in Sydney, Tasmania, Melbourne since it offers a full outside view as well as allows maximum light to come in.

Common Applications

Bifold doors have multiple panels stacked in a convenient style allowing it to open on one side; hence they do not take up a lot of space. Thus, this makes it possible to use in many different applications as listed below:

  • Connect the living room to the outdoors: Several houses tend to design an outdoor entertainment section or well-furnished patio as an extension to their living room. One of the main issues with such designs is that they are two different sections independent of each other. This can be easily solved with the help of a bifold door which not only provides a good view of the outdoor section, also allows ease of access. This is an aesthetic option to allow one to integrate both areas if the need is and divide them as well.

  • Diving the living & dining sections: It is quite common to have a living room design that also includes the dining area. This type of design may include a dividing wall at times or be simply one common space. There are many benefits of installing a bifold door in this case which will ensure protection from noise, diving the rooms allow clear visibility thus ensuring every concerned is not disturbed. It is also a good method of extending the living room into an outdoor dining area when necessary.

  • Enhance your bedroom view: For those who have a bedroom with a good view, it is possible for them to take advantage of this and install bi-fold doors to allow full and crystal clear view of the sight. This can serve the purpose of enhancing the room decor and providing a good background as well.

Important Stats & Facts

Here are a few statistics that show the popularity of this type of door worldwide including Australia:

  1. Global Bifold Doors market was valued at $9779 million in 2016.
  2. This market is expected to grow to $13,929 million by 2023 globally.
  3. It is possible to install a fly screen on a bifold door.
  4. The bifold door is available in several materials including Aluminium, PVC, Timber, etc.

Benefits of using Bifold Doors in Sydney, Tasmania, Melbourne

There are many benefits of installing an aluminum bifold door as listed here:

  1. It is very versatile and practical.
  2. They have the ability to cover a wide area, optimal for large open space and those who require a big door.
  3. These doors will not take up a lot of space since they do not swing open hence optimal for a place where space is an issue.
  4. It is one of the best methods of providing a good view of the outdoors and having a secure door.
  5. This is also highly flexible and secure since it consists of multiple locking mechanisms.
  6. It has a higher degree of fire resistance and insulation.

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