All You Need To Know About Silver Jewelry

All You Need To Know About Silver Jewelry

Silver is synonymous with luxury and wealth. This is to say that if you buy and own silver jewellery, you are a wealthy family. Silver jewellery has historical value because it has been manufactured and sold since 3000 BC. Silver also has a contemporary appeal to modern jewellery makers and is a favourite among them because of its pliability and colour.

Silver, google, palladium, platinum - all these are precious metals. They are extracted from the earth and sold to the prestigious. These metals are rare, soothing to wear and assuredly worth the money you invest in them. Most people choose to buy raw silver as a showpiece in their homes since it has antibacterial quality. Bearing the price factor in mind, they opt to purchase fourseven jewellery products.

Types of silver you can buy:

There are different types of silvers that are available in the market. However, .e the best varieties are sterling silver, silver plate and pure silver. These most commonly used and well-known in the market. You can also buy silver jewellery online by accessing our official website and choosing what catches your eye.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy composed of 92.5%of silver and 7.5% per cent nickel and copper. These metals , polish, durability and lustre to the material. You can buy sterling silver jewellery online from our authorized official website. We have great deals to ensure that you avail good discounts on your favourite pieces.

Fine Silver

Fine silver is close to pure silver. It has about 99.9 per cent of silver content and is recognized by the hallmark of .999. You can visit our silver jewellery online India website to order jewellery made from fine silver components.


Silverplate is similar to gold plates. A particular base metal, most commonly copper, is coated in a thin layer of silver. Silver plates contain a lesser silver than compared to our other products. You can also buy these products by visiting our official website silver jewellery online India.


Silver products help you live your best, luxurious life and add an element of class as opposed to other types of special-occasion jewellery. Match our quality silver products with whatever you are wearing and walk into a function or party gracefully.

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