Lifestyle during Covid-19

Lifestyle during Covid-19

Year 2019, going to end happily and peacefully but On December 12th, a deadly Virus named Covid-19, first introduced itself in Wuhan, China. Number of cases emerged in China on daily bases and with the blink of an eye; it spreads all over the world. This virus creates significant knock-on effects on the daily life of citizens as well as about the global economy.

Living with this Pandemic while lockdown has been imposed in almost every part of the world, isn’t that easy for everyone. Educational Institutes, markets, offices, public places & gatherings has been closed in almost every country to stop the more spreading of this virus. Due to heavy restrictions, Grocery stores, pharmacy and some markets were allowed to remain open for limited hours on day time.

The major effects of this lockdown are staying at home, Digital-Education, Work from home or smart working, limitation of outdoors and having foods and groceries in reserves due to restriction in grocery stores. Due to quarantine, the interruption of the work routine could result in boredom. Also, listening, hearing & reading continuously about the daily growing cases of Covid-19 from media or social media can be stressful as well. We should keep ourselves busy in any kind of activity to stay away from this stress and depression.

Our Good & Bad Habits in Covid-19 Lockdown

So far, we adopt some good and some bad habits throughout this lockdown.

Before lockdown, many of us can’t spend too much time with our family just because of our busy schedule and tiredness from work. So for me, one of the most positive habits we can adopt while staying at home is spending our time with our beautiful & precious family. It’s always been blessing to spend our valuable time with our family. Likewise, many of us get ourselves involved in cooking and helping our mother, sister & wife in cooking. Playing games or taking part in indoor sports with children and young brothers & sisters. Taking part and work for maintenance of house. Many of us gets early in the morning and do exercise daily to maintained ourselves healthy and remain fit.

Many people love to eat hygienic and natural foods to maintain their healthy lifestyle but some of us didn’t control our daily healthy routine in this lockdown. Doing some workout in spare time might help us to not gain so much weight.

Most dangerous and unhealthy habit

One of the most dangerous and unhealthy habit we adopted in this lockdown is; Excessive Usage of Mobile phones and watching movies till late at night. Staying up very late disturbs the body's natural sleep-wake cycle, which can affect a person's mental functioning and energy levels the next day. Frequently staying up all night may lead to sleep problems and can have long-term effects on health.

Things we should do in Lockdown

Firstly, we should keep ourselves busy in any kind of activity to stay away from daily stress; we’re taking by watching or reading about increasing cases of Covid-19.

Secondly, make a to-do list or a schedule for your daily routine, including your work from home, spending time with your family, buying groceries & do Online Shopping, limited time for your exercise & physical training or watching movies or playing games etc. whatever you want to do in your free time.

By doing your daily activities according to the schedule, you will never get tired and face less difficulty on doing your daily activities.

Stay safe at home, stay healthy and always wear your mask before going outside.

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