Battle of NodeJS and Java : Which suits your business better

Battle of NodeJS and Java : Which suits your business better

Are you a business owner or an enterprise owner? Are you still using those old-school software to manage your business? Well, it’s 2020 already and the world is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Maybe you should consider upgrading your business workflow by availing Enterprise App Development Services which can help you expand your business and manage your business with a better grip.

Many people choose to build their own enterprise system, while some choose to opt for readymade solutions for their enterprise application.

A lot of people have been choosing either Liferay, NodeJS, or Java or any other technology to build their solution on. But, you have to pick the right technology that suits your business requirements and gives you a satisfactory Return on Investment.

But among all the technologies, NodeJS and Java are the most discussed technologies, so let’s take a look at both technologies in terms of Enterprise Application Development. So, let’s discuss NodeJS and how it is useful in Enterprise Application Development.

Enterprise Application Development with NodeJS

JavaScript technology is getting better and better by every passing day. JavaScript is also getting Enterprise level, so developing an enterprise-level application is a great choice for you! You can consider the NodeJS as one of the strongest players in Enterprise Application Development. As NodeJS has microservices-based architecture, it will also perform faster. So, there’s more likely that your application can be built with single function modules. And this also encourages DevOps and Agile Mentality in the organization.

Pros of NodeJS

1. Low Latency Real-Time Apps

This is the most weighed pro of NodeJS for developing an Enterprise Application. As NodeJS helps to build low latency and real-time applications, that requirement perfectly matches the Enterprise Application.

2. Scalable

NodeJS applications are always scalable, so your enterprise application will also be scalable so, you can make the necessary changes anytime you want. It can also handle a large user-base without getting crashed, so it is always a good choice for you to choose the NodeJS.

3. Lightweight

As the NodeJS is based on JavaScript, it has another great advantage of being lightweight. It’s like NodeJS is on a diet. No matter how many functions you put in your application it won’t gain any weight. So, this is another advantage of NodeJS of being lightweight!

4. One package manager for all dependencies

Node Package Manager or you can say npm, comes in a single package and you have to maintain that one package entirely throughout your project development phase. So, for all kinds of dependencies, you gotta take care of only one package manager, and that is the npm.

5. Long Term Support

NodeJS is in the tech world for merely 10 years, but it supports the application will the end. So, it has Long Term Support. It is not a matter of any worry even if your entire project is based on the NodeJS, as you will have support until the very end. You can expect long term support for your application when it is based on the NodeJS.

Cons of NodeJS

1. Partially C++ Dependent

The only drawback (not really a major drawback) of NodeJS is that it has some dependency on C++ to implement some function while working on the V8 engine. So, if you want to implement some functions then you might have to be dependent on C++.

2. Not fit for CPU Intensive Application

If you want to develop an application that requires intensive CPU usage, then NodeJS may not fit your needs. After all, it is JavaScript! And JavaScript cannot fit into intensive CPU usage. So, don’t choose NodeJS if your need is to perform complex equations that require intensive CPU usage.

When to Choose NodeJS

Cross-Platform App

When you want to develop a cross-platform application that works seamlessly across any devices, then you can NodeJS, as it will work across any device whether it is Android, iOS, or a Desktop or a Web App. NodeJS won’t disappoint you in giving a great performance.

Instant Messaging Apps

If you are building any Instant messaging or live chat application, then NodeJS may be the best fit for your needs. NodeJS can handle your requirements very easily and serve you a great performance for your application.

Online Gaming App

NodeJS is the best choice if you want to develop an online gaming application that serves users with a large number of online games. So, this could be the best choice for people who want to develop an online gaming app.

Now, after discussing the NodeJS enough, we will switch to the Java path. We will have a look at when to choose Java, its pros and cons, and when to choose Java as your programming language when developing an Enterprise level application for your business.

Java for Enterprise Application

Java is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language that is platform-independent and hence is the most preferred programming language for any technical person. We have seen Java being used almost everywhere. Whether it is a desktop application, a web application, or even a mobile application. Java is everywhere. So, it won’t be a wonder if you develop your Enterprise Application with Java. A lot of entrepreneurs opt for Java-based Enterprise Application which serves their business needs in a feasible way.

Here, we will see some considerable pros or advantages of using Java for your Enterprise Application Development.

Pros of Java

1. Performance and Speed

Java is naturally born to give performance and speed. Whenever you choose Java, you also choose application speed and performance. And these are the top reasons why people are choosing Java to build their Enterprise Solution or Enterprise Application. Java uses lesser memory and can process multiple instructions simultaneously. So, it is getting a popular choice for most people to develop their Enterprise Application.

2. Huge number of Libraries Available

As Java is run on around 3 billion devices in the world, it is the most popular programming language. So, there could be a lot of libraries available on the internet which may be already programmed to use. Suppose if you want to implement a particular function, then you can search for it on the internet, and most probably that library may be available on the internet, so your development time and cost could be saved.

3. Security

Security is not much of a problem when you build your applications using Java. Java is best known for its Robustness and Security. Java-based applications are almost impossible to crack-through, and hence all of your data is safe within your Java application. When you deal with sensitive and confidential data, Java is the best choice you can make to build your system.

4. Open-source

Last, but not least, Java is open-source, so you do not have to buy and maintain the license fees to use Java. You are free to download it, program it, and use it whatever way you like. So, no purchase fees, not an annual, or monthly subscription to maintain. It is totally free to use and develop your business with it.

Considering all these benefits you are getting from Java, it becomes an obvious choice for any individual to build their business. You can develop a standalone, desktop or mobile application with Java and you get all these advantages, plus the advantages that are not mentioned in this blog due to the limited space availability.

But, just like a coin’s other side, Java got some cons as well, which are not any major cons, but considerable enough to include them in this blog.

Cons of Java

1. High Memory Consumption

Since Java runs on JVM or Java Virtual Machines, programs built on it consumes high memory than other programs, so if you have developed your application on the Java platform, then your application might consume more memory than you had expected it to consume.

2. Garbage Collection

This is another big drawback of using Java in your application. All Java Developers know how painful it is to collect garbage from any Java Application. It’s just that Java still has not any powerful method to collect application garbage effectively. So, your application might be full of garbage values if you don’t handle the garbage collection very well.

So, these were some cons (not major cons if they are taken care of) of building your application with Java. Now, let’s see when you should choose Java to develop your application.

When to choose Java


When you want your application to be portable, in other words, you want your application to run anywhere, anytime, then you can choose Java as your development language, as Java code is portable and can be run anywhere.

Confidential Data

When you got very confidential data to deal with, you should always go for Java, as the Java applications have one of the most secure algorithms for your data safety. Java app security is not so easy to crack and so your data is in safe hands when the app is developed with Java.

Performance Matters

When you want a high performing application, and the app requires quite complex calculations, you should always opt for Java development. Java can handle complex data equations very easily and it doesn’t even affect your application performance. So whenever you need a high performing application, always choose Java.

Final Words

So, finally, after studying both technologies, and knowing its advantages and disadvantages, we can say that whenever your application needs a great performance, you should opt for Java, and when the performance is not much of a factor and the focus is more on instant activities like instant messaging or instant reacting games, you can choose the NodeJS technology.

So, now you must have been cleared on the topic which is better Java or NodeJS. I hope this article helped you choose the best technology NodeJS or Java. Now, you can easily choose the best fit for your Enterprise Application Development with Java or NodeJS.

If you too are considering developing an app or a portal for your Enterprise, then your search has ended here. We are the top Java Enterprise App Developers and NodeJS Developers, and we can deliver the best software application for your Enterprise that smoothen your business workflow and provides you with a great ROI.

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