Be Wedding Season Ready With these Trending Colors

Be Wedding Season Ready With these Trending Colors

When it comes to Indian clothes and wedding then there are so many patterns, designs, colors, etc. to chose from. This can be a bit of frustrated when only a few days are left for a wedding. It can be a bit different embroidery but not a good fabric, or maybe a color that you hate. Hence, it becomes essential to make an amazing collection for wardrobes with a wise choice. One of the major inspirations for clothes collection is Pantone colors that show a beautiful flow of work routine to it. if color is decided then it will be easy to settle on fabric, design and even jewelry. So, let us give you some of the most beautiful colors to opt for when it comes to the bridal lehenga.

  1. Maroon/Red – For an Indian wedding, red or maroon holds a lot of importance. It flaunts a different style while adding up flair to the wedding. Indian wedding dress is not complete until this color is instilling in it that makes it an evergreen color. It can be a direct red or even different shades of it. However, it is advisable to leave red for the bride and other guests can simply go for a different family member of red such as orange or pink.
  2. Green effect – Pastel colors are also one of the favorite colors to opt for. However, there are many people that watch out for the mint green that has an energizing aura to it. many people opt for this color due to its subtle and unique shade. Whether it is a bridal lehenga or contemporary wear, this color will add on a different style statement to the function.
  3. Blue Fever – Whether it is royal blue or indigo blue, both have an exotic call for the wedding. Almost every shade of blue gives a vibrant and royal look, so trying them out for a wedding function such as sangeet or reception can be a good thing. On top of that, blue look magnificent whether it is a day or night. It can be contemporary wear such as saree, lehengas or even banarasi saree with a classic blue. Not only this, but Indo western blue is also a good option to watch out for.
  4. Pink – You might have witnessed the beautiful blushing pink lehenga of Anushka Sharma on her wedding day. Yes, the color and simple makeup become a new trend with her and now pink has come up as a major wedding color. This shows graceful and versatility to any sort of occasion. There are different shades of pink that can be incorporated into a wedding to add a feminine touch.
  5. Monochromes – Last year, we witnessed one of the biggest trendsetters with monochromes color. The edgy outfit with modern day touch was a perfect adore way to go for when it comes to a wedding. White and black have always added grace to any dress. Adding a different mix of colors is also an option to go for when it comes to striking monochromes. The best thing is that the bride is going to avoid this look at any cost so it will be open for guest to fuse and flaunt.

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