Beauty at its best: The loft New Capital

Beauty at its best: The loft New Capital

The Loft New Capital project is a very beautiful and delightful apartment created by the living yards. It is a unique compound in terms of its beauty and design. You will learn about a variety of features offered in this location. This will help you choose the perfect apartment.


Loft New Capital is located in the New Administrative Capital center in the R7 area in block 12. The apartment is situated near Expo City and Embassies neighborhood. The Green River and the Cathedral are 10 minutes away from loft new capital. Administrative Capital’s Airport and the Presidential Palace are at 15 minutes of distance.

Benefits of purchasing the property

  • Exceptional equipment

Every device installed inside and outside the apartment provides privacy and comfort. Apart from this, these devices are strategically placed to secure the parameters. The gates and buildings are equipped with advanced features.

  • Natural green areas

Greenery is spread all around the loft which makes the area beautiful from both inside and outside. This beauty attracts new customers. This natural green area makes the environment fresh and clean. A very small part of the land is utilized for commercial buildings.

Furthermore, this provides a spectacular view for everyone. You can enjoy these lands from the comfort of your buildings.

  • Best Fitness point

Tracks and cycling paths are also available for every resident of the society. These methods improve wellness and create a healthy system. Moreover, if you are a fitness lover, then you can work out in the sports center. It has integrated devices that can help in the gym sessions

  • 24x7 Security

The security of the place is of utmost importance. No one has to worry about their protection while staying at this location. The security cameras are installed to check every corner of the compound. Security systems along with guards are present everywhere. They check both the inside and outside areas of the buildings.

  • Storage and service support

You can keep all your precious items in one place. There is a separate garage for vehicles provided in every building. So, no need to worry about space any more. This improves the way of living in this place.

Offered prices

Depending upon the area and location of property prices are set for the apartment. The prices start from 10,500 EGP to 13,500 EGP per meter square for semi-finished apartments. And the prices for fully finished apartments start from 12,900 EGP and go to 15,500 EGP meters.

Payments can be made in cash or installments. Prices in the Loft start from 1,200,000 EGP with a maintenance deposit of only 6%. If payments are made in installments of 10 years then apartments can be booked without a down payment.

Should you invest?

Yes, you should invest in the Loft as it gives all those facilities needed by the people and a technological and luxurious lifestyle. Prices are also fixed according to the wants of customers. The location of the apartment is quite attractive.

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