Best 2019 Digital Marketing Certifications

Best 2019 Digital Marketing Certifications

If you search online for certification in digital marketing, you will find many results for digital marketing institutions or online tutors like Coursera, Udemy and other channels.

But it is very doubtful how much purpose the certification can serve you. So we have come up with a bunch of hand-picked certifications in digital marketing, so that you can update yourself with the ongoing and future trends to implement these lessons in your career prospect. Digital marketing is the cutting-edge technology that enables you to go ahead and learn the technique of the decade, in your business, in personal branding, or even if you want to start a digital marketing agency with your knowledge and expertise.

So you see that digital marketing can help you in many manners. Let’s dive right in.

  1. Google Ads: It is best for you if you are starting off as a beginner. It is a comprehensive certification module that has a lot of chapters to cover. Comparatively, it takes quite much time to complete this module. It is free of cost. The validity of this exam is 12 months after that; you have to appear for the exam again.
  2. Google Analytics Academy: It offers a certification exam of Google analytics individual qualification. However, technically it cannot be called a certification course. It is also wholly free. You have to take this exam every 18 months to renew your score.
  3. Hubspot Certification: It is a two-part consumer certification that can guide people to improve their online prospects. The certification course covers topic such as how to attract visitors, gain visitors to your blog or website and what are the little technicalities people need to know to do these. It is also a free certification course.
  4. Hootsuite University: They give the best certification courses in social media marketing in the total digital marketing arena. This course is affiliated from The National Institute of Social Media for social media practitioners. The price varies from $99 to $2,200.
  5. Content Marketing University: This course covers the full length of digital marketing in seven primary domains. Those are – Conversation, Channels, Audience, Planning, Process and Measurement. And story top helps you build a strong foundation on content marketing. Price of the course somewhat varies from $995 to $1000.
  6. Bing Ads Certification: It helps you to manage and optimize Bing ads campaign. This course gives you enhanced skills and knowledge in Bing Ads reporting and various other associative tools. It’s a free course.
  7. Google Tag Manager: By doing this course, you get an overall knowledge of the basic principles and concepts of Google tag manager and also how to create website tags, how to improve analytics implementation. This course is free of cost. But presently, it is only reserved for Google partners.
  8. Facebook Blueprint Certification: It is a course officially acknowledged by Facebook. It benefits the modern digital marketing professionals to stay updated on Facebook advertising and its best practices. It costs $150 for all exams.

We have listed the best certifications available in the market. Do let us know if it has helped you in any way.

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