Best baby cribs 2020: My top 5

Best baby cribs 2020: My top 5

You have made up your mind and have chosen a crib for your future baby. Unfortunately, there are so many on sale that you get lost and don't know which one to choose. Don't worry, I managed to find the best baby cribs on the net! You just have to read the article and make your choice! By the way, if you are still hesitating about the choice of your baby bed, I recommend that you read my article: crib or convertible bed which one to choose? It will help you make an informed choice between these two solutions.

I must admit that this top was really not easy to achieve, because as I told you, there are a lot of cribs on the market. So, I made a small selection of beds from the most basic to the most sophisticated. I made a point of keeping only the beds which I think bring a plus compared to the others. Of course, some are also basic because not everyone has the same tastes! So let's start this top in descending order to save the best baby crib with bars for last.

Top 5 best cribs with bars: First by Baby Price
This simple but efficient bed allows your child to be comfortably and safely installed for their first nights. Three positions of the box spring are possible in order to use this bed in a more comfortable way and to adapt it gradually according to the evolution of your little one.

My mom's opinion on the Baby Price First single bed
One of the biggest advantages of this bed is the fact that it is completely covered with bars. When my daughter was little, only one side of her bed had bars. I don't know why, but I was often afraid that she would roll over on one side and choke with her nose stuck to the side of the barless bed. Fortunately, this did not happen, but to do it again, I think I would prefer beds made up with a lot of bar panels.

Well, obviously this entry-level bed is very attractive for its price. Knowing that a child will stay 2 or 3 years in his crib, it is sometimes useless to invest in a bed that is too high-end that will be of little use. And this is especially true if, like me, you decide to have only one child!

Top 4 best baby cots with bars: Roméo de Combelle
It may seem very basic, but nay, this crib is foldable! A great advantage if you lack space or if it is intended for grandparents or even a nanny! Note that it is also adjustable in height in 3 positions!

My mom's opinion on the Combelle extra folding cot
I think that of all this top, the Combelle bed is the most practical. Indeed, if you have a small apartment or little space at home, this baby bed can save you a lot. In addition, if you plan to have several children, it will also be very practical to put it away while waiting for a little second.

Finally, if you move around a little and have not planned to invest in a travel cot, the Combelle bed will do the job since you can transport it more easily. Of course, it will take up more space than a travel cot, but sometimes you don't need to invest even more if you have little use for it.

Top 3 best cribs with bars: AT4
I fell in love with this bed, because it looks a lot like the one my parents have and that I had when I was little. The AT4 bed made entirely of bars could be simple, but it is not! In addition to having wheels, a side of the bed is sliding!
My mom's take on the AT4 sliding crib
I see two advantages to owning this bed. The first being the casters. Indeed, if you have a single story accommodation, you can easily move the bed from one room to another. Also, if your child is having difficulty falling asleep, you may be able to rock them more easily. I want to clarify that this happens in 99% of cases (the other 1% are either liars or extraterrestrials). Finally, it is always more practical for the household!

The second big advantage of the bed is its sliding panel. As I told you, my parents have the same type of bed, and I saw a marked difference in its use compared to mine. This is very practical especially when the bed height is the lowest. This makes it easier to take your child in your arms.

Top 2 best cribs with bars: Bohème by Vertbaudet
A very beautiful cot at Vertbaudet in the shape of a trailer. The base is like the others adjustable in height in 3 positions. You can therefore also adjust the height here according to the age and development of your child.

My mom's opinion on Vertbaudet's bohemian cot
We fell in love with this baby cot with bars. I admit it to you right away before I have any concerns, this bed is in reality nothing exceptional except the fact that it is ultra design. Do not even think of using the wheels to move the bed since they are fixed (we said design, not efficient.)!

Top 1 of the best cribs with bars: Madison de Vertbaudet
This crib is convertible. After using it in single bed mode for babies, you can transform it into a mini junior bed with its protective barriers. Very well thought out, this bed is also equipped with a base adjustable in height in 3 positions.

My mom's opinion on Vertbaudet's convertible crib with bars
Madison de Vertbaudet is, in my opinion, the best crib of the selection. Although I had a lot of crushes, I am personally happy that I no longer have to choose a crib. Why is this bed the best for me? The answer is simple: for the fact that the barrier on one side of the bed can be removed.

When my daughter was younger, before investing in a junior crib, I removed the bars on one side of her bed. Thus, I could see if my daughter liked her new freedom and especially reassure me that she does not fall out of bed or at least, from a lower height. However, when I did this, the bed was not at all stable, as it was not designed for this use. Here, you have the convertible bed directly into a mini-bed for children that you can use between the 2 and 3 years of your little one.

I sincerely hope that I was able to enlighten you on the bed of your future child. I know this is a very important and exciting stage during pregnancy and that you can feel a bit lost. Do not forget either that an essential accessory to the crib is its mattress! Here, too, you will need to pay special attention to selecting the best one for your baby!

Do not hesitate to ask me your questions in the comments so that I can help you as best I can! Also, don't forget to tell me which is the best baby crib with bars for you!

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