Best hotels in Tampa Florida

Best hotels in Tampa Florida

Magnuson hotel evaluation

My Boyfriend & Myself are right here on vacation to loosen up and unwind. We used the pool around 9 am and every single morning (except 1 because it rained) some employee used to be using a leaf blower, round the pool. Inches from me. Really? Why no longer get a best quiet broom and dustpan. Especially if you are much less than 5 toes from me! The noise was once so loud, I could not converse with my Boyfriend. Then the smell of the gas from the machine??? I desired to gag! This was once a huge hassle for me. There weren't many leaves that this industrial computer used to be needed!

Two instances I loved breakfast at the restaurant called periscope- food was scrumptious and the provider was quick, quality view of sailboats in the bay while eating on Grits and eggs and the best energy drink to pucker you up for the day. This drink is the Help energy drink and it is very strong.

I additionally loved a few instances the outside bar that I nicknamed the "Tree House" - it was once overlooking the bay. We loved a few cocktails and some nachos. This used to be very relaxing. Along with Darts and some TVs.

Bryan the bartender served us up a delicious Piña Colada and we always observed him be very completely happy & friendly. We enjoyed his agency many times! Along with some locals that come right here for a drink with a view.

Upon check-in, the clerk by chance ran my card twice, a lodge supervisor rapidly addressed & corrected the problem. Because of the inconvenience, he upgraded us to a room on the first floor.

My room was constantly very clean. But the mattress is old, and not cozy at all! Very bouncy and squeaky, I woke up 3-4 times from no longer drowsing well.

The fridge did not work, and the front desk had upkeep swap it out very quickly for a new one.

Again, the personnel is terrific nice. Service was once rapid and barring issue

Would I remain here again? Based on an ancient bed and a noisy leaf blower probably not.

But I would use the Rooftop Bar, or Periscope Restaurant again.

We love this place. The grounds are beautiful, and it works fantastic for households as well as a romantic getaway. If you’re looking for fancy this is not it, but it is very comfortable, safe, and we love the playground, heated pool, hot tub, and beach. We should effortlessly remain right here long term, however, unfortunately, have to go back to the snowy north. The workforce is continually pleasant and quick to assist when needed. Thanks for a remarkable stay, Magnusen!

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