Best Ideas to Refashion Your Outdated Denimwear

Best Ideas to Refashion Your Outdated Denimwear

When you are into fashion and you know all that is happening in the latest fashion trends then you would get everything which is best looking. There is a question when you are looking to renew your wardrobe. What will you do to your old clothes especially the pair of jeans which could be among the best one? You would decide to either throw it and shop for a new one or you would create something out of the old denimwear. Our suggestion is to be smart and find ways to renewing it and we would help you with this thing.

Below are some of the best ideas to refashion your outdated denimwear or denim dungarees womens.

Make A Baggy Style Shirt

Don’t just discard your old jeans. Use your stitching skills or if not get it stitched from a professional tailor. If you have jeans of small size then go for a short length shirt or if it is baggy and large then go for making it much baggy style top. All you need to do is to cut the jeans according to the measurements and create a shirt out of it. Believe it or not, this idea will give you amazing results. You can place a cloth in the middle of the shirt to give more room to the fitting of the shirt if you like it.

Ripped Denim Tights

This is something in fashion these days. Instead of discarding the jeans which are not a good idea. Cut the jeans from the thighs area about 2 inches or 3 inches and from the knee area with the help of a scissor horizontally. Once you have cut it horizontally you need to spread out the jeans on the flat surface for this. Then start fraying the jeans with sandpaper and loosen the fibers more. This will create the ripped look in your jeans. You can also use your hands to rip the jeans even further. You can stitch a belt using a stretchable cloth which is used for yoga pants. This will also create a cool look for your old jeans.

Semi-Denim Frocks

If your denim piece is short and you do not have much to stitch from it then you can simply use jeans on the top of the shirt and on the sleeves. You can stitch the rest of the shirt with printed fabric or any cloth which you think would go very well with it. Put some designing skills while you are stitching or making it. You will get an amazing looking shirt with flair look at the bottom.

Denim Accessories

Do not limit your creative designing to get just clothes out of denim. Be more innovative. You can also create accessories out of denim. How you will do it? We will tell you more about it. First, take a piece of old jeans and cut them in star shape or heart whichever you like. Again, for ripped effect use sandpaper at the edges and corners of the shape, you will get a ripped effect on the shape. Then create a hole at the top of the shape and insert an earring hook. You will have amazing looking denim earrings for yourself.

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