5 Signs your Business Website needs a Redesign

Every second, a new update is released in something or other in the digital world. Every second in this digital age is dedicated to enhancing the digital experience of the users. When the update is the only thing that is consistent, how can you survive on your “not so updated website”. If you’re finding your websites very slow in its speed or not responsive enough or your conversion rates are gradually decreasing, there is high time you need to consider rebuilding or redesigning your website. Here in this post, we will discuss the 5 signs your website need s a redesign:

1. Your website is not being found on Google

No matter how much you invest in your SEO strategies, unless your web design of web development isn’t SEO friendly, things will not give expected returns. If you are still unable to get better rankings on Google with your targeted keywords, it’s time to consider redesigning your website. You can hire the web design company in Jaipur to redesign the site with a more SEO friendly structure.

2. If your website is not the ideal reflection of your brand

Primarily many business start-ups build their website just to mark their online presence. Without giving much a thought about how your website portrays your image in front of users, many business houses just created their website for the namesake. If you think your values have evolved over the past few years or that your website is not reflecting or delivering your purpose ideally, then it’s time to redesign or rebuild your website on whole. You can hire expert web developers and designers in India for this task.

3. Your web page speed is very slow

Unfortunately, terms like “slow” don’t go along with better results in digital space. The loading speed of the web page is one crucial factor that makes or breaks your first impression in front of users. If your site is taking more than a few seconds to load, chances are visitors will bid it adieu from there and then. So if you’re dealing with the problem of an outdated website with slow loading, you need to give a serious thought over redesigning. Hire the professional web designers in India to redesign your website with better loading speed.

4. If you’re unable to update your website

Websites that are developed during the early phases of web development are devised with very complex methods to update or add the content. If you too are facing problems in updating the content on your own website, you should consider its rebuilding in a new and more advanced CMS. You can hire a Web Development Company in Jaipur for rebuilding your site. New CMS like WordPress has made it very easy for organizing the content and updating it as and when you want. Updated content is one important metric of SEO which you surely need.

5. If your web design is not responsive

Users are now accessing the website via their smartphones or tablets more than the actual desktops or laptops for instance. Mobile browsing can be difficult for users especially if the web design is not responsive and compatible with the mobile screen. Also if users find it very hard to follow on the business website, they will leave it. So, if your website is not responsive, you need to hire a professional web development company in Jaipur to rebuild your website and make it mobile-friendly. Responsive websites are designed to improve the user experience as well as connecting the users as and when they want.

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