Best Free WordPress Plugins for Responsive Sliders

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source frameworks serving as a great platform for building websites. Many web developers and even the top web development company in Jaipur use this for creating thousands of websites. It offers many unpaid and paid plugins which improved the aesthetic and features of websites. Not only they make it look visually spectacular but help in ascending the user-friendly experience as well. One such plugin of WordPress is a slider plugin that allows the web developers to insert slides on websites. Now the question arises, which is the best of the slider plugins available on WordPress.

In this article, we have listed several popular and responsive WordPress slider plugins along with their features that make them the top choice for the best web design company in Jaipur.

  • Soliloquy Lite

If there is one WordPress slider that can surpass the responsiveness and easy to use of all the other slider plugins, it would be Soliloquy Lite. This slider plugin is the free version of the very popular plugin Soliloquy slider. What makes it the top choice of the best outsource web design company in India is its functional attributes and super-fast features. Every business aims to enclave its website amongst the top results on Google and for this Soliloquy, Lite is your WordPress slider plugin.

One of the biggest advantages of using Soliloquy Lite as your responsive WordPress slider plugin is its ability to add Meta to each slide. You probably know how significant Meta is with respect to SEO. Thus your website is backed by the plugin which is SEO friendly. Hire the best web design company in India and know more about the benefits of Soliloquy Lite.

  • Responsive slider by MotoPress

This is yet another powerful WordPress slider plugin which is popularly used for creating amazing and functional sliders. One of the features of this plugin is it works on simple drag and drop interface. This helps the web developers in India to design unlimited sliders in no time without much of a hustle. It is the responsive WordPress slider plugin as mentioned in its name as well. Posts slider, custom slider and WooCommerce sliders are the three types of sliders you can find in this plug-in.

Another feature that tempts the web development company in India to use this slider plugin is its simple and elementary interface which is well suited for adding SEO friendly slides. If you are a tech aficionado, then this is probably the most fortified plugin for you.

  • Meteor Slides

This is quite elementary when it comes to being a WordPress slider plugin. What makes it quite popular amongst the offshore web design companies in India are its responsive and mobile-friendly features. In today’s framework, these two features can help business websites to offer users an absolute User-friendly experience. In fact, these two features alone can be marked as the USP of your web designs.

Now the question arises, how Meteor slides work. Well, it’s quite simple as you just have to add slides one by and choose the option for the slideshow as you add each slide. This WordPress slider plugin is quite simple and easy to comprehend even for a newbie. Get to know more about the functional features of Meteor slides from a web development company in Jaipur.

  • WP1 Slider

This is among the most popular WordPress slider plugin. You can see thousands of business website based on this slider plugin. This plugin is primarily famed for its rich-featured themes along with dynamic features every web developer in India looks forward to. The first feature is it is responsive which makes it adaptable to every device irrespective of the size or resolution of the screen. Another notable feature is it’s easy to use- slides can be added via shortcodes which can be directed by configuring the settings. Moreover, you can customize it the way you want. Not only that another noteworthy feature of WP1 sliders is its plenty of configuration options that let the slides to be displayed in a dynamic manner.

It has been proved to be amongst the top choices of many top web development companies in India. You can easily choose the pre-designed sliders and layouts and tweak them the way you want. You can create slides on any web page- homepage, widget areas or on single pages. Hire the outsource website development services in Jaipur to know more about the functional features of the WP1 slider.

  • Slider

What could be a better slider plugin than the plugin which is named after slider itself? This is another great plugin that allows the web developers to add unlimited sliders in the website on WordPress. The web developers can easily add the images on the sliders with its admin panel that is quite easy to use. This plugin is absolutely responsive and works for all types of devices irrespective of the screen type. Another big reason that makes it the best WordPress slider plugin is you can add a caption and alt text to inserted images to make them SEO friendly as well. Moreover, you can customize the slider as well. From altering its dimensions to changing the display effects of the slider and its position, you can customize it all the way you want.

  • Meta Slider

This is yet another WordPress slider plugin suggested by a top web development company in India. What makes it distinctive from other slider plugins is its combat of multiple slider scripts that are free. It’s rendering effects and transitions are noteworthy too. You can hire web developers in India for getting to know about the additional features of the plugin that is available in its pro version.

If you’re a business house based in India you can hire the best web development company in India for the best web development and design services. If you’re a company based on foreign lands, you can outsource your web development services to an offshore web design company in India.

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