Best Ways to Use “Spaces” In Designing to Make Website Attractive

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A website containing all important elements and neglecting the other elements may contain the spaces and if you thinking of minimalist website design company in Jaipur then spaces are good. Actually, the white spaces in website design are known as Negative spaces. If you think of minimalist website design then these white spaces are good. But when you don’t boggle about the performance and your only motive is to make your website design attractive then you have many options to fill your white spaces on your website.

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Is filling Spaces in Website a Good Option or Not

The filling spaces on your website depending on the elements by which you want to fill the spaces. If you are filling spaces with the elements or text that helps to explain your website then it is good to fill the spaces available there and if you are filling the spaces with unnecessary elements then it will only result in the reduction of performance of your website. So in some situations, it is better to fill the white spaces and if there is no important element and explanation is left then it is advised to leave the blank spaces as it is now and this will help your website simple and task effectively as there is no extra content.

Best Ways to Use “Spaces” In Designing to Make Website Attractive

If you want to fill the white spaces then you can use the following techniques to fill and also make it useful for the user’s point of view. So to make space-filling effective you can use the given techniques: –

  • If the available space is in good resolution then you can make a video of the functionality that how your website works and post that video there. So this will help your user to understand the flow of the application and ease their task.
  • If the available space is only a little on the top of the website then you can write a quote on your website there.
  • In free space, you can also show rev
  • views of your previous customers so that the new user can easily get reviews about your website.
  • In free space, you can also show sliding steps to use your website that can help your user to easily interact with your website.

And if you want to fill the spaces to make your website look more beautiful then also you can have many options there. And in this also you can choose some ways by which you can help your user to understand like

  • Instead of posting simple videos, you can post their animated video that explains the purpose of your website.
  • You can make an animated video to show steps that users can perform on your website in order to complete their tasks.
  • You can also show different offers that you are offering to your user.
  • You can post a picture of your previous success with customers so that it will attract more customers to your website.

So by using all the above methodologies you can utilize spaces on your website that will fill the spaces also and also helps your user to understand more.

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