Coding Languages You Need To Learn According To Your Field Of Interest

web development

Programming is a very vast field and you need to explore your field of interest. There are many fields growing and you should what languages you need to learn to work in a particular field. Here I have a few fields and their programming languages.

1. Android development: JAVA is the main language that is used to develop Android applications. There are many languages that will help you build android applications but java is the basic and you should at least know this language.

Java is used in many applications but Android development is one the most important application of java.

Java has many versions and small changes are made in every version.

web development

2. Machine learning and AI: It is one of the fastest growing field and if this is your field of interest you should go for python.

Python is very language and easy from other languages. All you have to work hard is to learn to install its libraries. It has become one of the most popular languages. You can develop games using python and it has many other applications. AI is in trend, many companies such as Google are working on AI and it is emerging as one of the best fields.

3. Data science: In recent times, the demand for data scientists has increased. If you wish to learn data science and pursue your career in data science you need to have an amazing command over the python. Due to less number of professionals in data science, it is emerging as one of the highest paying fields.

The job of a data scientist is to use scientific methods, algorithms, etc. to gain knowledge and insights from different types of data.

Data scientists are a team of analytical data expert who has the abilities to solve complex data problems.

4. Web development: It is not the newly emerging field, it has proved to be most secure as many technologies can come and go but the field of web development is evergreen and it will never lose its importance.

There I many languages that you can learn for web development but some of the most basic and important languages are:


2. CSS

3. SQL

4. JavaScript

HTML is basic language and you should at least learn all the concepts of HTML at least then CSS is used to design and structure the web pages. Both them are for front end and for back end we will use SQL. SQL (structured query language) is mainly used for the database and to solve queries.

The languages that are mentioned above are basically used for these purposes like for web development HTML was made. Although, now as there are many languages developing you can choose any of them according to your choices.

There are many more fields I have only mentioned some of the most popular fields in which people are showing the most interest. These are also among the most paying fields.

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