Interesting Ideas to use Triangle in Website Design

Ideas to Use Triangle in Website Design

The title might confuse you that you are about to read an article over the interesting ideas to use a triangle in the web design. What can be done with such a primitive geometrical shape that can ascend the web design? We just read an article on specky boy design magazine on the design trends wherein the triangle forms the core of web designs and can’t resist ourselves to write something inspired by the same idea as well.

Recognized as the leading web development company in Jaipur, we want you to know that there is a lot that can be done with this elementary geometric shape.

Where everything around us is either in a square or rectangle or circular, a triangle is quite unique and not –stereotypical. That’s the one reason that makes it the top choice when it comes to “come up with something spectacularly unique”. These polygons can catch the eye very easily. Where in our real world we are surrounded by every other shape in abundance, triangle in the virtual world can be a little tweak. So without dragging more about why the triangle is a good choice, let’s move over to the ideas to incorporate this shape in web designs:

Beautiful abstracts have always become the inevitable parts of web design. For many years, geometric shapes have become an important constituent of web designs. They are used on an extensive scale in designing the website. But when the world is making their ways in square boxes, it’s the Cap Gun collective that thinks outside that square box and implemented something new.

They chose to split their screens diagonally, thus forming two distinctive triangle shapes. This is one good idea that is quite simple yet compelling concurrently. Not only it looks visually alluring, but the way it describes the message in such a precise manner also leaves you in awe.

The other interesting and awe-inspiring idea is inspired by the Bild Werk. Their ace to use the triangle as the prime illustration in the main space has reminded us how a little creativity even with the simplicity of things can come out so well.

It’s a 3-d illustration that draws every eye. With a simple white background the intricacy of the figure comes out pretty well and it looks nothing less than a vision in itself.

Talking about the wonders of becoming artistic with the simplicity of things, our next interesting idea is inspired by Cworks. They have chosen something simple and perfect at the same time with the triangle as a central part of their background. In contrast to the whole orange background, this triangle definitely strikes every vision. The creative team of C works has shown their ace because they have used something so simple and so playful at the same time at the focal point. If the website design is to be defined as “beauty with brains”, then definitely web design of C works is one good contender.

In a nutshell:

There are so many different ideas that you can implement with a triangle in web designs. With the ace and proficiency of a graphic design company in Jaipur, you can actually incorporate your vision and creativity into reality. As for triangles, these primitive shapes have been an integral part of web designs of top-notch business units. After seeing these ideas by ourselves, we are completely convinced of the charms of this polygon.


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