6 Common Mistakes in Web Design that can affect your SEO

A well-developed website backed with the dynamic web design can play a vital role for your business. This web design and UX if created poorly or not in compliance with certain set standards can have a negative impact on your SEO. Therefore it is suggested to hire professional best web development company in Jaipur for incorporating a well developed, dynamic, authentically functional design for your website.

Here we are discussing 6 common mistakes in web design that can affect your SEO:

  • Poor navigation

becomes the most crucial mistakes in web designing. We, as the leading web design company in Jaipur, understand the significance of navigation. Many web developers in India are able to create a responsive website but failed to adjust the navigation. The end result is the users have to struggle to locate substantial things on the website. We as the best web design company in Jaipur, India targets a responsive website with optimal navigation. This help in boosting the overall accessibility of the website and eventually in delivering the user-friendly experience.

  • Directing the users away from the website –

is another mistake that is intended but is quite common. As a leading web designer in India, we ensure to give reason to our patrons to visit our site again. We incorporate the same in developing sites of our clients. For instance, if you send the PDF of article or blog via Email you can have another subscriber for your website. website designer in Jaipur often designs to make the users download it instantly on their phone. Also, one mentioning the links which direct to other websites makes sure that the site is opened in a new tab. Your site should still be running in back on the desktop or mobile.

  • Content is the king

You know that but many a time, web developers fail to incorporate that as per the set standards. Inadequate quality content is one of the biggest mistakes many web design companies stumble upon. A web page should at least have 300-350 words. That’s the minimum range; you should essentially have per page of the website. The more you can add with some relevant information, the higher your rankings will be.

While adding content, another thing to be considerate about is inclusions. For the sake of boosting readability, web designer goes overboard with textual content. Text with visuals, infographics, etc makes content engaging and more interactive. They also help in decreasing the bounce rate. So don’t go overboard with just quality text for your content. Include some pictures, videos, etc to communicate in an interesting manner.

Another thing that goes in respect of content is its authenticity and originality. Plagiarism is a strict NO-NO. Duplicate content will make every SEO practice futile.

Another common mistake made by many web developers is to go overboard when it comes to including resources. This mistake has a direct impact on page speed. The slow loading of the page eventually annoys the user and there are good chances that he or she might abandon your website. As the leading web design company in Jaipur, India, we ensure that the resources used on the website of our clients are easily accessible. This doesn’t hamper the page speed while serving the purpose at its best

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