Tips to Enhance the Website’s form to Boost Response Rate

If you have hired the professional web development company in Jaipur to encompass your website, have you talked about your website form too? Your website may have a lot of footfalls, may even have a good engagement session too, but how do you know that it is actually leading you to something. Only when a visitor fills the form, there are chances of conversions, for the rest, it is just scrolling.

Hire professional web design and website development services in Jaipur as it will enable you to optimize the website’s forms in compliance with ascending the response rate. Here are a few tips to enhance the website’s form to boost the response rate

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Keep the number of fields very concise:

The best way to make the best of the forms is to keep the number of fields very concise. For instance, if you want people to sign in for your email list or just want to subscribe for your newsletter, ask for their email address only instead of making them fill what all they like. People hate filling out those lengthy forms so try to keep your number of fields as limited as possible.

Be very considerate about the placement of labels:

If you’re thinking of placing the labels on the left side of the field, it is one good option. This option will help you in making the best as well as most of the vertical space. But as per the current Framework, people are generally browsing the websites on mobile and for that instance labels on the left are not friendly. Instead, they are placed just above the field. This placement structure proves to be more effective in scanning and ensures “user-friendly experience” too. You can also consider the in-field labels but be very considerate in choosing them as, like others, they have their own “cons”.

A big no-no to the phone number

If asked what’s the most annoying thing people think for marketing or advertising, 9 out of 10 of them will say “unsolicited phone calls by the company”. In general, too, people hate these phone calls. So unless it’s a requisite that can help you on extensive grounds, don’t ask the phone number in the field. Also, people add wrong numbers which will eventually waste your time and efforts too.

Make sure the forms are responsive too

How often you focus on building a responsive website? A responsive website that works well on mobile devices is a prerequisite for web development. How can you assure that your website is responsive? Hire the best website design company in Jaipur to ensure that your website is multi-featured, dynamic, and most importantly responsive too. Coming back to forms, it also forms a substantial part of the website. You have to ensure that the layout of the form should be compatible with the varying resolutions of different mobiles. It is also important that the email fields are programmed that can bring up the email keyboard on the phone. In simple terms, people can use the sign of “@” without even switching their keyboards.

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